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  1. Hi all, Just a quick note to let everyone know that perseverance and patience pays off. Almost 2 years 1 month to the day since I was suspended and the dismissed my company has given in and settled. Despite all the deceit, lies and delays they inflicted I won. They took it right to the wire only conceding the day before the ET hearing. It goes without saying how relieved I am. I can now start to rebuild my life and my health. Thank you to CAG for advice proffered.
  2. Hello all. I am in process of completing my witness statement with exchange with the respondent due on 9/5/14 and would welcome any advice. How much information should I include in my statement? I was originally suspended in August 2012 , dismissed in June 2013 and my appeal was thrown out in September 2013. My case is listed for June this year at the ET As you can see this is quite along time. Should I give a full chronological time frame of events and correspondence? If so, should I also write about the evidence I have in my defense in the statement, or is it best to refer to
  3. Many thanks. I wonder if you and others could offer advice on an e-mail I received from the Respondent today. It was a letter sent to the ET today requesting that the hearing dates ( for 16th And 17th June) be vacated and re-listed. She says that of the 3 witnesses that the Respondent intends to call, there are now substantial difficulties in 2 of the witnesses being able to attend the hearing. She cites that one witness sustained a fall on the 6th March and there are doubts about being fit for the listed dates. The second witness, has booked a holiday . The solicitor states that t
  4. It's that in answer to my request(s) the Respondents solicitor, for example, states that grievance witness statements "were not put before the disciplinary panel or the appeal panel". This is untrue as they were included in the bundles to said panels. I am finding it very time consuming having to write back to her about issues like the example above. Is this normal practice to try and frustrate me? Should I draw it to the ET's attention?
  5. Hello All - Ist time post. In seeking further disclosures from the Respondent prior to ET, is the correspondence to and from them able to be discussed at the ET hearing?
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