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  1. That's who I've bought my tickets with - they are one of the official sellers (also called seetickets) for the concerts so you should be fine.
  2. I bought a pair of GHD's about 4 weeks ago from ebay. They have all of a sudden just stopped working - at first it was just one side of the plates that stopped but now both don't work. The light comes on as if they are heating up but nothing happens. A couple of sparks have also flown off them when I touched the plates. I have emailed the person on ebay to let them know, but haven't heard anything yet. Am I within my rights to ask for my money back or do I need to go to GHD? They were bought brand new, in the box they are normally sold in in the shops. It wasn't an ebay shop, but
  3. I received a parking charge notice yesterday from the car park I always park in. My company pays for our spaces, and we have parking permits that are fixed to our windscreens. On this occasion, I had left something obscuring the view of the parking permit and subsequently received a parking charge notice for £80! I really don't want to pay this extortonant amount, being I haven't got it, and the fact that I do have a valid parking permit, albeit it was partly covered. Has anyone got any suggestions of what I can do. I have been parking here for well over a year now, so they see t
  4. Dani


    I forgot to post how I got on till now! You were all right - Argos were brilliant, I showed them my bank statement, and they exchanged it for a different model, same spec, which now works perfectly and plays all my DVD's!!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I will have a scout round at prices near to Leeds. I think I saw a sign for one for £45 so I might have a look at them.
  6. Is there a website or something on the internet where you can find good recommended MOT repairers in your local area? My MOT is due, but I don't want to get ripped off like I did last year!! Thanks
  7. Dani


    Thank you for the replies, I'll give that a go at the weekend!
  8. Dani


    I bought a DVD player two weeks ago from Argos. Only a cheap thing, £19.99. From the moment I set it up, it only played 1 DVD! I got it to play another one on Wednesday night, but now it has stopped doing that one again!! I have returned it yet as I haven't had time to go back to Argos, but I'm going to go at the weekend. My problem is I think I've lost the receipt. If I print off a copy of my statement showing it was purchased from there, would that be enough? I only want a replacement that might work properly! I've checked the DVD's and they are the right regions and
  9. No Abta won't charge you. But then again, they probably won't do anything! They are rubbish.
  10. Initial claim £852.37 HSBC have offered £713.40 They say that this is because: "Your account fees are for holding a Bank Account Plus, a service for which you have agreed to pay a monthly fee with associated benefits. We have therefore deducted £72.65 from your claim." Of course I am going to tell them it's not good enough and that I will take the claim to the local CC. You didn't sign up for the bank account plus service did you? As in my understanding, if you did, this is for a service, and you can't claim this back. Unless of course, they've added this on with
  11. The ones that I am on about is contained in my credit history section on the reports. They are concerned with contracts that I have had for a year with Vodafone, and then cancelled after the 12 months and got another contract - I used to do that all the time instead of upgrading - it was cheaper. So when people search my report they will see these on there. There isn't anything bad about them, there are no missed payments or anything, but it does make my credit history look rather a lot!!
  12. I used them a couple of months ago and wouldn't recommend it. You do get all 3 different reports, but it took a while for mine to come through, as they were giving the credit report agencies the wrong details for me! I would just pay the £2 to each agency and get them yourself.
  13. I've just got a quick question about credit reports. I received my last one about 4 months ago and noticed there was a lot of account history on there from "Communication Suppliers" which I am guessing is my mobile phone contracts. There are about 3 or 4 different ones on there, all following on from one another, so one starts 2004 ends 2005, the next starts 2005 and so on. Can I get these old ones removed from my report or do they need to stay on there for 6 years? Thanks
  14. Can't answer most of your questions but the one about the staff... My dad works for Sainsburys and he has had to give them his licence plate number so they know it's his car that is parked there for longer than 3 hours. I only remember because he was going to use my car once to go to work but couldn't because of this.
  15. Dani

    NHS Dental charges

    I have a couple of queries that I hope somebody will be able to help me resolve about NHS dental charges. I went to the dentist in October for a check-up. Now, all they do on the check-up is basically, check, no clean or polish or anything. And then if you are needing treatment, you have to make another appointment to come back. On this occasion, I was told I needed a filling, so I made the appointment to return on a later date. I paid £15.50 for this first appointment and got told next time I would owe £26.90 On my second appointment, in December, when I arrived, I was booked t
  16. Hi everyone A bit further on with this saga now!! The mortgage company said they would give him the full mortgage if he could get a letter from his place of work to prove he was working there full time. Of course, he couldn't be bothered doing this, so my friend had to do it from him. Oh, and she also had to ring round solicitors getting him quotes and then ring the one he had chosen to get them to act for him!!! Useless waste of space! Anyway, his solicitors were sending out something that he needed to sign to get this all going through and he has now come back and said, no
  17. Just a word of warning, don't pin all your hopes with ABTA doing something - in my experience with them, they aren't that bothered. I never received any help from them regarding my complaint, even though I won my case in the end!!
  18. I bidded on "a picture of a camera" Is that what he put in the email!!????? The cocky little s(*d!!
  19. Sorry I've only just remembered about getting you that number!! It's 0845 6028006.
  20. The way I believe it to be is they are obviously allowed to charge interest on your account for you being overdrawn. You can only claim back the interest if it was charged solely because of your charges. So in your case, you'd have to work out the amount of the interest that was charged because of the charges and what was charged for just being overdrawn as normal. If you get what I mean. There is a spreadsheet in the templates section that will help you work it all out.
  21. Was the interest charged solely because of the charges?? Or would you already have been overdrawn without them??
  22. Yes that seems reasonable to me. I'll post tomorrow with that number that I rang.
  23. I would ring them tomorrow (I know it's recommended to do everything in writing but it would give you an idea of what's going on). I'd just ask them to let you know what is going on, and why it was credited to your account and then withdrawn again and ask when a cheque will be sent out. Then you've got a definite answer of when you should receive your money and if you don't get it, I would continue with the claim.
  24. Are you still wanting a cheque? Or is the money ok to be put back into the account like they did?? If you are ok with it, I'd ask them to put the money in your account, you'll get it a LOT quicker, thinking about it now, I'm sure mine was credited the same day!! And I'd let them know you're not happy and that it is there fault that you are overdrawn as you took the money in good faith which they then withdrew again. I'd tell them that if you are charged because of this fault of there's then you'll start the process again to get it back which will obviously involve them spending
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