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  1. just got this via mail..... Dear Sir/ Madam I was appointed as the Liquidator of the above Company on 13 January 2014 by a resolution of the Company’s members. My appointment was confirmed at the subsequent meeting of the Company’s creditors. The administration of the winding up is now complete and I am obliged to convene final meetings of the Company’s members and creditors pursuant to Section 106 of the Insolvency Act 1986 to report on the conduct of the winding up. Copies of the notice summoning the meetings, the final report on the winding up and a form of proxy are en
  2. maybe some important news here, just had these mail back from capital books. "Please be advised that that the company trading as cash4phones entered in to liquidation on the 13 January 2014 and I was appointed liquidator of the company by the shareholders and creditors. Find enclosed the report on the meeting of creditors held on 13 January 2014. It is my duty as Liquidator to investigate the actions/conduct of the directors and to make a report to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will then decide whether they have sufficient evidence to be able to issue proceed
  3. I've got the box for my S3 somewhere so should have the number too, i feel that if i can't use it why should anyone else. that'll rather reduce their 1700 quid estimate of the value of their assets to roundabout zero....
  4. a good point was raised on another forum (there's plenty of fires burning on this subject around the internet!) If we aren't likely to get phones back, we can assume its theft? and as a result we should (if we have the details) contact providers and have the IMEA blocked so that the phone can no longer be connected to a mobile network. what do you guys think?
  5. exactly, its not confirmed but very suspicious behaviour, considering this goes right back to when watchdog highlighted them on their show and no doubt before then, it seems more than just bad business management and bad luck that have created this situation, it "appears" a conscious attempt to mislead and con people until evidence is found to prove either way its still "suspicion only"
  6. the fact that they have our phones and have not returned them surely means its theft and a criminal offence?? not sure about small print but there wasn't anything that suggested i entered into any contract with them that they haven't breached in regards to sending my phone and them paying out??? must be a way to nail them, even if i don't see my 180 quid or phone again i'd be happy to see them in prison!! the uk public are too often victims of these frauds as we're too trusting and accommodating.
  7. appeared today.... http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/andrew-penman-cash4phones-bosses-meet-3026912 but having read up a little you already know that..
  8. this situation is really starting to grit my s**t , what can be done to get justice? have there been any minutes posted from the creditors meeting? i've logged with action fraud and have a crime number, contacted companies house to see if they can stop the company being closed, what more can we do? i fear this will end badly and no one will see justice, if they had set out to be an honest company and had fallen on hard times, struggled and gone but that's one thing, but going by the shadow directors, transfers of cash between companies and other evidence they've obviously set ou
  9. I have and have a crime number. also contacted companies house to press them to keep the company from using insolvency to close the company which was obviously setup as a front for criminal activity.
  10. what can we do as a group to take action against these people? I fear that even if we individually get something back through the courts that justice won't have been served, there's hundreds of people that have been conned by these criminals, its obvious that it was their intent from the start. i've also sent an email to companies house complaining about the closure of the company while myself and many others have a claim against them and have police open crime report references relating to their frauds.
  11. i've had a similar issue, posted on another thread with my progress so far.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?410658-looks-like-i-might-be-their-next-victim..Cash4phones..-(&p=4433206#post4433206 it would appear that they're being looked at by police etc. so hopefully they won't be allowed to close the Ltd company and we can all make a claim against them, trouble i assume is that if they have evidence of the company having no assets to divide among its claimants we could get nothing, maybe the best that could happen is they're prosecuted for fraud, hard
  12. as it happens i've just completed the online submission a few minutes ago! let see what happens, i'll keep this thread updated in case its of help to anyone else.
  13. got worse.... After sending an email to threaten court action i got an offer and it showed on their site as pending payment, so i thought i'd wait a week and see if i got it. went back on there yesterday to find their site is down and there's rumours all over the net that the police and trading standards are after them but they're "hiding" what can i do? worth contacting the police?
  14. so i've heard nothing since the last note i sent to them, what do i do next? they haven't contacted me at all, does this kind of mean that the phone has beens stolen by them in any legal sense? if i start proceeding what is my "claim" ? hope you can help! thanks!
  15. submitted their online contact for 2 days ago and had no response, it won't let me submit another. their only other contact method is an email address to their sales dept so i've sent one there with the below content. will have to post something to them also the old fashioned way. after completing the online form and receiving no response within the 48 hours SLA i ’m having to mail at this address as its the only other contact detail on your website. Can someone please contact me in order to arrange for payment for my phone, my phone was received by
  16. Yep, i don't doubt it was so massive that rather than see it i'd actually fallen into the crack..... hehehe.. On a serious note, do i give them a chance to make an offer or wait till they contact me (i assume that might never happen??) or do i start now with the letter?
  17. Hi, New to this forum after reading a few posts relating to this company "cash4phones.co.uk". I sent my phone to them last week, recorded delivery and have used royal mail track and trace which shows the phone was received and signed for. Its still early days but the site shows the status as "pack sent to customer" i assume it should by now say "received" or similar. After my paranoid level soared i did a quick google only to find hundreds of complaints in reviews of this company, so, this appears to be the first step in the process of being ripped of by this company so i though
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