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  1. Just wondering if anyone else has had Post Office staff try to overcharge them or if it is just my local branch. Several times I have taken packages to my local Post Office and they have tried to overcharge me. The most recent was I took a "large letter" size packet and was told it would cost £3.90, the cost of a small parcel. I queried this and was rudely told to hand it over to be put in the guide. It fell straight through. The cost ended up at £2.29. A lot of elderly people use this Post Office and probably don't think twice about questioning the cost. Believing that the staff will offer them the cheapest option along with all other options.
  2. Thanks again. Called UIA. Put me onto CAB after giving some constructive advise. They are now passing to their extra help unit. Sound advise
  3. Hi am new to this but we too have a problem with BES. Hate to sound dumb but what is COT an acronym for as the advise given may help us too
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