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  1. Paper work to complete the sale of the property is with the purchasers solicotor
  2. I do have the evidence as on the email from the rep it states sale price will be 1.75%. The property is currently under offer with missives with 3rd party.
  3. Cheers wasnt sure if I'd posted it correctly and it being a different question.
  4. Following my thread yesterday the 3rd party since yesterday has filed for the above scheme I suspect this is to freeze my wages arrestment order against him. I've now been told that I will now not get any money for between 8-12 weeks whilst his case is assessed. A few questions, 1, How can I be sure that during this lull he's not trying to hide money to reduce his liability to pay a higher amount as this is based on his disposable income. Would the likes of mobile phones/gym memberships/Sky etc be seen as nonessentials etc 2, Can I refuse to accept his offer if I feel what he is offering to pay isn't a reasonable amount.
  5. Yes this is a Scottish case, And the sheriff officers confirmed via a neighbor that he still does reside at that address although he works away a bit. He was also traced to another address and I sent a copy of the decree to that which still has not been signed for either. Would I be right in thinking that he has either 14 or 21 days to directly appeal and that the appeal can only be if there is an error on the decree or legal paper work?
  6. Last year I rented out a room to make some extra cash to a student. Long story short he did a runner owning rent and left the room in a tip. Wrote to him at his parents address asking for outstanding amount to be paid or I would go to small claims court to pursue had no response. He failed to turn up at court in Nov&Feb court found in my favour. I tracked him down via his new employer a few weeks ago and engaged the sheriff officers to deliver the decree to his address which gives him 14 days to respond which he didn't. So last week I applied via the sheriff officers an arrestment of earnings order against him. Suddenly now I have his attention and had a call from the CAB stating that the 3rd party doesn't owe anything I explained the situation to the CAB who have then said well sounds like he's had his chances and will now need to engage a solicitor. I've been told by the sheriff officer he cant stop the arrestment of earning order and I know there is no direct right of appeal against the court findings. But I think he can try to get the hearing re-called and would this prevent me from getting the money owed until it was resolved
  7. Currently selling my property in Scotland when engaging the estate agent/solicitor(combined firm) I was told by their rep who came to the house and followed up by email that the commission they would take for the sale of my house would be 1.75% . Now I'm in dispute with them as they say the minimum commission they take is £1750 if the of % the sale price would be less than that. Now I've checked the paper work which I have signed and it does say the above. But if I have been told the sale price is 1.75% then surely this is a binding agreement and they should honor it? Plus I feel that the level of service we have been given from them does not warrant full payment.
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