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  1. Thanks for the quick reply...But can I use this argument that they bluntly said that they cannot give a letter stating my salary but after requesting and literally pleading again and again they sent it only after the deadline was passed! Why did they refuse in the beginning? Can I use this argument against them?
  2. Hi There, I used to work for a reputed UK company few years ago and I was made redundant some time ago. I did not know of my employment rights back then so I simply believed I could not do anything even though I suspected that it was an unfair dismissal because I was the youngest one and I was on the verge of completing 2 years in the company. Anyways, because of this I had to leave UK and come to Canada because I found it extremely hard to find work there. Now that I am in Canada, I had to apply for Permanent Residence and needed a letter from my previous UK employer stating my salary and otehr details. However, they refused to provide me with the letter for few weeks and upon constant emails and me stating that if I did not receive a letter from them, I will not be able to apply for Permanent Residence because deadline was approaching soon. After 'pressurizing' them with emails, they sent a letter which I received after the deadline. I am so stressed now because of all this. Can I formally make a complaint against them because literally they have ruined my life! Thanks guys!
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