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  1. Hi, a big thank you to those of you who attended the meeting. And thanks to those who run this site for enabling us to vent our views in this horrible situation.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been keeping a close eye on what has been developing re: Cash4phones. I contacted Capital Books and sent them the form regarding being a creditor. I was planning to go to the meeting to lodge my vote against the company. How will I be able to help??
  3. Hi I'm going to submit my claim to the courts today, do you think I should use the Cyprus address you posted? It might shake them up a bit to get a court summons so close to home???? QUOTE=overcharg3d;4415271]OK, so with BankFodder's updated info from Companies House (the site I was on didn't say about the latest director change), I found two more cents down the back of the sofa. Nearchos Chacholiades is allegedly the current company director of c4p trading ltd. To Google! First result - some guy in Cyprus on facebook OK. 2nd result - DueDil a Nearchos Chacholiades who is ex-secretary of LPS Protect Ltd. OK 3rd result - DueDil. Director of C4p trading Ltd. Possible Match - Director of LPS Protect Ltd as Nearchos Chachuliades. (Maybe you can register for free but I just disabled Java and JavaScript in Firefox - not sure which it needed - and the pages loaded up fine) Perhaps it's a naming convention I don't know of in Cyprus but it seems strange to have Chachuliades as director of the company and Chacholiades as ex-secretary. Coincidence? OK, so this LPS Protect. Companies in the UK shows us this with info about a director and secretary with these two very similar names and ages. Clicking on each of the names 1 / 2 brings up that they both live at the same address in Limassol, Cyprus. 8 Andreas Zappa Str, Flat 303 Galaxia Mansions Limassol Put. Yermasuyias 4040 Cyprus Limassol, Cyprus is where our friend from earlier on Facebook appears to live. He appears to be about 46ish. Is this cover photo the crew that runs Cash4Phones? Cheers n bye, I'd best grab some good old tea! Edit: Forgot, I rang the CAB yesterday to explain as much info as I had then; they said they would pass the info on to Trading Standards and that I should in my own case get a letter off to them saying they're in breach of contract and that I expect either phones or full payment within x days else legal action. Not sure how much will come of that or if a call to the Police would/will help either me or in the grand scheme of things with these rip-off merchants.
  4. Hi, if you want to challenge Cash4phones, then there is a lot of useful information in this forum. I am sending "C4P" a Letter Before Court Action today by recorded delivery. If I don't receive payment within 7 days then I will begin county court proceedings. Information about the above mentioned letter can be found on the Citizens Advice Bureau website, there is a lot of useful information on that website re: starting county court proceedings. I'm so disappointed by all of this because if this is such a widespread problem then why is Cash4phones still allowed to trade and tip people off???
  5. Hi, I am in a similar situation to you. I sent them my Samsung Galaxy S3,. I sent it in the envelope they provided me. I sent it with the slip of paper and nothing else. How do I trace my phone? And whether they have received it or not? I do not intend to give up. I have emails from them but the online quote they provided me with has now expired hence the website going down. ??????
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