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  1. Quick question I had bad credit from years ago. All accounts were defaulted (not settled) and no longer appear on my credit file (they all disappeared years after default). Numerous agencies have tried to chase the debt but cca's etc have kept them at bay. Checked Equifax today and I notice I have 4 trace searches done in the past year or so. What affect do these searches have on credit worthiness as all my other lending is now tickety boo. Can other lenders (especially mortgage lending) see these searches and if so is that my hopes of re-mortgaging ruined? Cheers
  2. Yeah everything is up to date on the credit files and a holiday sounds good to me! Cheers for the words of wisdom you've certainly put my mind at rest. Thanks
  3. Hiya. Thanks for your interest and input. There's nothing much to reclaim as the DMP Provider got interest stopped on all of them within 6 months of being on the plan and I'm sure I didn't have PPI on any of them. As far as I'm aware the only way that they can harm me now is through the CCJ route so was guessing f&f ing the accounts would eliminate things and as a result improve things. I'm just worrying as I'm reading stories of folk getting ccj's with sneaky dcas and not knowing anything about them and only finding out at a later date when they couldn't defend them and i'm wanting a mortgage soon so this would ruin that. Thanks
  4. Greetings to all New to this site but not to my debt. In a nutshell I borrowed beyond my means, struggled for a while and robbed Peter to pay Paul and then about 8 years ago I set up a DMP which I paid for 6 years. During those 6 years all my creditors eventually stopped interest and I managed to half the balance to 28k. Stopped paying DMP about 2 years ago and haven't paid a penny since. The last 2 years have been a CCA request to each creditor followed by a constant flow of letters being exchanged but I'm now in a position where I want to put all these debts to bed and can offer my creditors a f&f settlement but nothing close to the full amount. The accounts all no longer appear on my credit file as they were defaulted whilst on my DMP so in theory don't exist to anyone other than me and my creditors. 2 accounts have been sold to DCA's and the rest are still with the original creditor. Could offer 25-30% in f&f. Thanks in advance for any response
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