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  1. Was rather hoping that the 12 year rule would help, but obviously not. I'm genuinely struggling to recall ever having an issue with Amex let alone a CCJ, and I'm at a loss to understand how this ended up on the Land Registry records. I guess I can ask Amex or Luton County Court for details of the original case?
  2. We'll see what they have to say then, as the conveyancers are going to contact Amex. I would have thought there might be some limit to how long something such as an interim charging order or CCJ could last for, 21 years must be quite a record?!
  3. Thanks for reading the post, mortgage has always been just in my name.
  4. Going through the process of remortgaging my old house, and a question has come up from the conveyancers about a charging order. The wording from the land registry is: "Equitable charge created by an order nisi of the Luton County Court dated 22 July 1996 in favour of American Express Europe Limited." I have a vague memory of once having an American Express card, it obviously must be that though a Companies House search for the company name has it ceasing to exist on the 12th June 1996, probably is the American Express and they just changed their name. Otherwise, I have no more information to go on. After a lot of searching and reading up on this site it must have been in respect of a CCJ that had been granted at some point, but in the intervening 21 years if there was any paperwork, it has long since vanished. The conveyancers say that they need to contact the placers of the charge and ask them if they are happy deferring payment of that charge, but will check with their 'technical team'. Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks!
  5. What's really needed is a central register of all non-private numbers with a reverse lookup, then I can find out just who all those anonymous companies hiding behind ever shifting 0845 numbers etc really are. The best I've managed is to find the operator of a number block and complain to them directly. It's so simple to cut spam callers to next to nothing overnight, but I feel that OFCOM and the ICO are just too happy with the status quo, and dare I say it but their long winded investigations that require huge numbers of reports are nothing more than job creation for their own departments.
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