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  1. Hi Shelly, I am (unfortunately) ! I am in a very similar position to yourself. Agreed a verbal contract with BES without my husband's knowledge or agreement. He was a sole trader at the time, although he is now a limited company (and the only director) on the advice of his accountant. BES have obviously used every trick in the book and are disgusting creatures but they have now applied for a warrant at Magistrates court to enter my husband's business premises on Friday ! Even though he has never agreed a contract with BES and even sent a cheque for £299 for gas consumption which BES
  2. Hello all, Just a quick update. my husband did pursue this through the ombudsman, however they have told him that because the contract with agreed by his wife (i.e. me) that this is a third party dispute, and that there was no miss-selling and that this complaint is not something they can deal with. Also the entity of the business has changed from a business to a limited company. Should my husband demand a deadlock letter ? (even though he has approached the Ombudsman service)? Someone help .... please
  3. Hi All, Thank you for the messages. I have now become aware that my husband can change suppliers because the entity of his business has changed from a sole trader to a limited company. The business was never in my name. I was never a partner in the business. It is all my husband's hard work and family and friends that helped him financially to set up. I have no legal authority or claim to the business. However BES seem to think that because I agreed the initial contract (which I have now been told I had no authority to do so in the first place) that they seem to think that I own
  4. Hi Zepher, I posted the original post re BES. I have tried sending you a message but CAG won't let me. I have sent you a friend's request, so hopefully I may be able message you after that. As an update. My husband has 2 businesses, a previous one which he has now employed someone to run and the current business. He was advised to set up as a limited company, which he successfully did in December. As a limited company, can he now agree a contract with another supplier? Even though he has never had a contract with BES in the first place?
  5. Hi All ! I'm hoping you will be able to help and give me some advice please. My husband has recently opened up a new business. As part of the process I have been helping him as much as I can, even though we have 3 young children. He opened the shop in September 2013 and by the middle of Sept he was inundated with phone calls from BES Utilities. My husband's English isn't very good so the last call he received he gave them my number for me to speak to them. When I took the call it was my understanding that they had already spoken to my husband and he had agreed to somethi
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