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  1. sorry to reactivate an old thread, but you mention you're not obliged to work the hours, does this mean if a rota is published you can pick and choose your shifts??
  2. Hey folks, I'm sure I've asked this before but cant seem to find the thread....my main employment when I do overtime I get extra holiday pay, at my part time job I get the standard number of days only, so for instance someone working 39 hours a week will get the same holiday as someone working 59 hours a week (and many do) should extra holiday pay accrue? Also, if your under 18 can you work past 10pm? thanks in advance!
  3. thanks guys....think this might make it's way to public forums...they might not listen to employees but paying customers might make them listen
  4. Hey Folks Mystery Shoppers will shortly be introduced at the restaurant I work in, They will be filming the server covertly, whilst we know this will happen we obviously don't know when. I've looked around online but most conversations veer off into CCTV territory....not quite the same...can we refuse to allow this? My interpretation of the DPA would be that this is excessive for what it's being used for....I've also seen that they can't replay the video without permission or an exhibition license? Whilst the server is being covertly filmed, I would assume the whole meal is filmed, so what would the implications be for other servers eg those bringing you your food and indeed other customers who will surely be caught in the filming process... Any advice appreciated!
  5. Hey folks thanks for the replies! I'm german born but have lived in the UK for most of my life...I've provided copies before to my employer having worked there since 2002...they cam str8 in with threats of not being able to work instead of just explaining why they wanted them...I also thought there would have been dpa issues? We were not told why they needed it and how long it will be held for?
  6. Hey folks we found out at work on Monday that we need to provide a birth certificate or passport or we can't work any shifts..I already provided this information when I started and again two or three years ago...can they do this? We've not had any written notification of the requirement or been told why they need it again...I'm assuming my identity has not changed...can they stop me working if I refuse to provide the info again...given its the same as what they already have?? Thanks all! !
  7. sorry!! Foh and boh is front of house so the servers and boh is back of house so the kitchen guys...essentially we haven't been asked about the 70 30 split so I now have to give up tips...
  8. Hey all! Not sure if this is the best thread for thus? At the restaurant we currently only receive tips as cash and these go direct to your server we have been told with no notice or consultation that tips will now be set up on card payments but via a tronc system...what are the rules around this? From what I u derstand it will be a 70 30 split between foh and boh based on how many hours you work....without getting into the pros and cons of tip splitting, what are the rules around this? Does it class as a change to working terms and conditions ? My second question, at my salaried role if we work overtime we get a little extra holiday pay according to some law change? I seem to remember a court case about this but can't find the details now, my boss has advised that holiday is a maximum of 28 days regardless if you work 39 hors or 69, is this correct? Any advice appreciated!
  9. Hey all, two quick questions A restaurant I work in will be closing for a refurbishment, we've been told we may get hours at other stores but it's not a definate. Apparently they are allowed to simply not schedule any hours...since they will do whatever they can to weasel out of it, my question is how much notice do we need to be given? Second question, In the papers recently people are talking about claims for holidaypay earned on overtime, will this only apply to salried employers or 0 hour contracts as well and is it right that if you dont claim before july you can then only go back two years, how do you go about putting in a claim? Thanks in advance guys!! x
  10. thats guys, I hadnt considered that to be fair, I'll call a solicitor to discuss, would prefer if the money went to a company instead of the tax man xx
  11. Hi AllCan anyone provide any help with probate? my father passed away about a year ago and its more complicated than I thought? can you take probate fees from the estate? and which form do you need to get probate? the estate is around 12k with debts of 14k, how should it be divided? I also have very little financial info as we had nt spoken for quite some time and he didnt marry his longterm partner so a tad complicated!Any help appreciated!!
  12. Thank you for your response, the ntq is valid and expires 30th, however I am leaving early on the 23rd of may, I have given 30 daysnotice and we are out of the original contract, so my conntract surely cannot be extended to the 30th? Thanks x
  13. I recently decided to move out of a rented property I share with my sister, this will be the 23rd of may, we are on a rolling contract and i have given 30 days notice, the agent bridgfords have decided to give notice as well so good timing on my part, but they have advised I am still liable for rent and repairs etc untill my sister is due to move on the 30th of june, surely this is wrong??
  14. Hey folks, quick question, when you die, does your estate recieve a refund of your NI contributions? (if you die before retirement?) Also anyway to track assest? any good tracing services? and finally how do you obtain a copy of a deceased persons credit file? THANKS ALL!!
  15. Thanks for the replies guys, i did an SAR but there were no call transcripts, no details of the sale etc. ...I was very dissapointed with the fos, did not expect them to write off the whole amount, but was expecting something with more teeth, expecially given that I work in an fca regulated environment myself! and I have just looked at that article so thinking court action is best, but I cant afford a solicitor? not sure where to start with it really.... the FOS were kind enough to extend my deadline for acceptance untill friday at 2pm, and wont allow a partial acceptance, I'm thinking its best just to decline and wait for the DCA to take action?? Thanks in advance guys! x
  16. Hi all, I had a property repossesed via kensington with a 30k shortfall in 2011, I have taken this to the FOS and recieved a final response from the actual ombudsman, not just the initial people who handle queries. one of my complaints was the fees of 50 for late payments on a mortgage payment of 221. ..hardly seems proportianate, the fos have ruled since these charges were in line with the tarrif of charges that they stand? at this stage i pointed out that since kensignton had purchased my mortgage from unity and given me no option to appeal or remortgage this is hardly fair? although they have agreed to refund 500 out of around 3000 worth of fees kensington were also adding there own insurance to the mortgage despite me having and telling them that i had my own insurance, they have generously agreed to refund in full the premiums but to date not advised the amount, is this correct? my property was sold in 6 days, which to me is an eyewateringly fast time for a sale to be conducted at the height of a property crash... ..well mayby not since it was sold for at least 20k less then it was worth.. .but apparentlythe fos accepts this as a reasobnable time for the property to be sold, my question here is what is considered unreasonabkle? im assuming that 3 minutes would be? but how about 3 days? almost like they had a buyer waiting.... kensington have also never details what there SVR is and despite me complaining about it they have never told me and even the ombudsman has failed to investigate this. ...my question now is do I accept get around 800 knowcked of the 30k the dca wants or do I fight this in court and how would I go about that? Considering bankcruptcy as an option but would like to avoid this. ...I have to decide by the 11th! Any advice much appreciated!! xx
  17. thanks guys, I dont object to the checks, what I object to is the abuse of the data protection act and having to provide my details to a thirdparty who will then keep them for far longer than needed and do what ever they want witht her data!!
  18. my second job as a car insurance call centre operator has recently left me outraged, I provided my birth certificate to the agency when i began with them and again 6 months later when I was taken on as permanant staff. every year they run credit checks (titles background checks) via experian, and I have been forced under threat of a disciplinary to provide my birth certificate and various other pieces of information such as contact numbers and mothers maiden name (which i did not provide) to experian, who in there agreements state that my info will be held for two years and they can store process acess etc whenever they like and may even hold it outside the uk, i have been advised that they will hold it on file should i ever need another check, im fairly certain that under the data protection act information should only be gathered, held and utilised for the purpose of which it is intended in this case to do the background check and then be deleted surely?? I feel this is a massive invasion of my privacy and I appreciate this sounds overly dramatic but it feels like a violation.. .especially given that my data is likely to be sold on for a profit! im thinking of launchingh a complaint even though this will clearly be to my detriment
  19. Hi all would really appreciate some advice here, a friend was recently dismissed after making a silly error, its his appeal on friday and I will be sitting in with him.The long and short is he was accused of theft on halloween.working as a server in a restaurant he was dressed up for halloween, a customer ordered a takeaway that wasent rang through the till. hence the accusation of theft, at this point I would like to point out I would trust this guy with my life!we are supposed to be provided with bumbags to carry cash in howver mostly have not been provided with new uniform for years, so he ended up sticking up cash everywhere (not the cleaverest thing i know), as the shift was busy he forgot to ring the takeaway in and as his cash was everywhere it stayed forgotton in a pocket untill he found it a week later...as far as I can see theres nothing that can be done, but i was thinking of launcing the appeal based on the fact that he did not have the equipment required to perform his role, its a mgrs respopnsibility to ensure this is the case and im sure cash is only insured if its in a bumbag.its a bit like proximate cause in insurance? if he had the right equipment he would not have forgotton about the money and it wouldt have happened in the first place...the only reason this came to light is someone from head office did a "mystery shop", i thought entrapment was illegal?am i missing anything? any other grounds I can appeal on??thanks all!!
  20. its as a waiter in a pizza restaurant, so for instance if you were scheduled to work 12-4 on a saterday, you would be notified of this in writing the week before, but ha;fway through your shift be sent home early if its quiet, surely they have agreed that you will work that shift and as its in writing this counts as a contract?
  21. My employer is also about to do this, and did not even give us the choice, so it will cost us to print them! me second employer is also conducting background checkes and is demanding a cipy of my bierth certificate to be held by experian, which im not thrilled with...any ideas if I can avoid this? thanks
  22. Hi ALL Just a quick one, i'm on a zero hour contract, hours set one week in advance, on the day of your actual shift if it is quiet, the mgrs are now forcing people to finish early, are we not contracted to that shift? are they allowed to force you home early, and the flip side in theory they can make you stay late as well, essentially they can do anything they want to do....is this right? any advice appreciated thanks guys! x
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