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  1. Spoke to FSCS and they said that they can only deal with claims against Yes Car Credit that were financed after 2005 and that no other claims company would be able to do it as they would only come to them anyway. Mine started in 2003 so I'm buggered
  2. Oh dear, Maybe I should use an claims firm after all, but who would help with this kind of case? I have looked for the questionnaire but can't seem to find the link? Thanks again guys xxx
  3. Hi sorry I haven't been on here for a while. Just reading the thread back and wish to pick up where I left off. Okay so looks like I have a case against YCC but what do I do about it? I have no idea how to put this into writing, work out how much I am owed or where I should even start. Can you tell me what to do next? Do you have any idea what I could type up and sent to them? Thanks so much for all your help with this. Kindest regards xxxxx
  4. Can anyone advise now I've uploaded the credit agreement? Kindest regards
  5. Hi there, I have joined this forum to ask for any help and/or advice on re-claiming from Yes Car Credit but it is a bit of a complicated one....I think. I bought a car on finance from Yes Car Credit back in 2003. It was a joint agreement with an ex boyfriend (no longer in contact and do not wish to be at all!) The car was later stolen, burned out I think and recovered by police (so there must be something on file) I was in between addresses then and kind of left it there. A few years later-think it was 2007, I had a debt collectors letter saying they had been trying to find me and now that they had I owed them money for the car. I rang, panicked asking what I should do. They said they would write off so much of the debt (don't know why) and that I owed them £3,000 which I paid (Well, my grandma paid for me as I didn't have any money to do so myself) then when all the PPI scandal came about I wondered if I had anything to claim back from YCC I followed some instructions from a forum similar to this and sent off for the paperwork. Sure enough I received a CD with the original credit agreement on there. It shows (in section 3.0 - Additional Optional Non Cancellable Insurances) 10.£ Payment Protection Insurance Cash Premium 11.£ 550.00 Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Cash Premium 12.£ 350.00 GAP Insurance Cash Premium 13.£ 900.00 = Total Insurance Premium Cash Price (10+11+12) 14.£ 300.00 Less: Down Payment provided by Customer 15.£ 600.00 Shortfall Required by way of Credit 16.£ 251.04 Add: Interest 17.£ 851.04 Balance Payable (15+16) 18.£ 1151.04 Total Amount Payable (14+17): 19. 20.0 % APR 20. 48 Number of monthly Insurance Instalments 21.£ 17.73 Amount of each Insurance Instalment (17+20): the first payable one month after the date of this agreement. Apparently I should not have paid anything to the debt collectors as I had GAP Insurance which would have covered the car value when it was stolen? Also as there is a space next to PPI I'm not sure if I had PPI or not, Is Mechanical breakdown insurance re-claimable? I just don't know what to do next in order to find out if I am owed anything at all? If anyone can advise me I would really appreciate it. I am on the verge of calling a PPI claims company but I've seen the rates are 25% plus VAT! Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me. Kind regards, MsQ xx
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