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  1. I guess it is so frustrating and I am angry there is no clear cut path. i sent money to my name and it is gone no one knows the steps to follow to get it back.
  2. There was only my name, sort and account code. No other code required. The second is because this was the second account added to my paypal account and five years of transfering to my clydesdale bank with no problem..There was no sum sent to check or activate...just kicking myself for missing it but I cannot go back just try to move forward and retrieve the money. I will take it as far as I have to as long as it takes.
  3. I tried sending requests to watchdog, and money experts and a half dozen other sites...it is just breaking me - a mess all the time with it now.
  4. I tried the police they say it is a civil matter, nationwide will write again but say they will close the case if there is no response
  5. No they say the money has gone - paypal have tried to recall the money and the bank has returned the recall as unable to do it, the account holder has spent the money so there are no funds to recall
  6. I input the wrong digit when I set up the account in paypal originally, the number is then hidden with only the last four digits showing after that - so I made three payments to an account I was saving for Christmas and at the same time set up internet banking with nationwide so my paper statements stopped arriving, - I know it is easy to say check the account but with four small children I gt very little time on the net - right now today is the only morning I get and as my mind is so occupied with this I can do nothing else!
  7. Sorry I should have added that it was £1100.00 and it is killing me with stress - I am losing sleep worrying about how I am going to give my kids Christmas and put shoes on their feet in the new year? I am just devastated and I cannot get any help - please can someone help - where do I go - how can I recover my money?
  8. I recently sent three payments from my paypal account to my nationwide account and the funds went into another persons account - the original error was a wrong digit in the account number - the bank wrote to the customer finally and they have not responded the phone and email address for the customer is not correct/not connected and the customer - how do I get my money back or how can I find out who the customer is to take it to civil court..this seems to be a huge grey area and no one wants to help - can anyone advise, I am currently waiting on the banks second letter to the customer but don't know what to do if they won't return the money. They have spent it the bank will tell me there are no funds to return at this stage. I know I have to raise it with the ombudsman and have started this process pending the banks final response...
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