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  1. If the time limit has expired on the guarantee, you cannot make a claim. However, if you can show that the goods were not of satisfactory quality at the time of sale then you may have a claim against the trader under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. What you will find difficult is proving the fault existed at point of sale, as your argument is essentially nullilfied by the fact that you accepted the phone and have used it for a period of 15 months without issue. I'm sure you are aware things do break and the issue you describe is actually common in iphone 4s that hav
  2. Hi All, First post hope you can help. I recently came the end of a 6 month tenancy I gave notice to move out on the rent due date of month 5 (last day of month) I then vacated the property and moved into new place that same week (7oct) after paying full months rent on the 1st Oct (House was burglarised twice in same week, Didn't feel comfortable staying there so just got out) The tenancy at my old address then formally was ended on the 31st of Oct and the checking out was done on the 1st Nov they then returned my FULL deposit to me on the 10th. However I have today
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