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  1. further updates I have now become in some what of a crossroad , I have been evaluating what I could do today as aldi aren't forthcoming in offering any sort of resolution .The high court has to be ruled out due to financial reasons but I have looked into the small claims court and went and got a n1 form to start the process. Whilst sitting down this evening to start going through the form I receive a phone call from the aldi area manager that I have been corresponding with who previously offered me a bottle of wine and flowers. she said she had been speaking to the directors of the company who I emailed and on reflection they would like to increase there offer , they have now offered me a substancial amount of shopping vouchers for there store and I believe the amount could be the amount I could get in the small claims court and this would avoid doing the whole strung out legal process, plus I have been advised that before you can make a small claims case you must try to work things out with the other party first which I have clearly done and as they have made a good offer should I be accepting it
  2. further updates I have just received a phone call from the area manager , she has said that the company procedure is completely lawful and they have the right to search anyone they believe may have committed a crime whether they have seen it or not on there premises. They have offered me a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers as a apology - I said I have no use for a cheap bottle of wine nor any half dead flowers , she said that was all they could offer as she felt they had done nothing wrong and it was a jesture to clear the air - she said they would not apologise publicly as the member of staff was following company procedure (I did say she clearly couldn't of been as in the letter received said she had to be retrained)she also said I didn't need a apology as I had cleared my own name by not letting the member of staff search me and not commiting a crime (even though I was publicly branded a thief and a shoplifter). It was left that she was going back to speak to her boss and was going to call me back tomorrow (she has promised to call me before but never does when she promised to - so maybe this time she might)
  3. further updates I have emailed the joint directors of the company a huge letter detailing the incident and the terrible letter received , I asked the question how has there company got the legal right to do random searches on customers . I mentioned that after a very quick internet search that the company has done this to a lot of people (some quite horrific - a woman called Janine Taylor was accused of stealing half a box of cereal) and for a company who boasts of there customer excellence and award achievements why do they have a company procedure to break the law and accuse innocent customers of shoplifting and for this they have never been brought up on this offence. I will be contacting the area manager again tomorrow to let her know I am not letting this go and confirming to her once again the way I was treated was unlawful and unacceptable
  4. update on the incident The area manager did not phone me like was promised so I chased her down on the phone to speak to her , she made a very rubbish apology and said she would send me something in the post to make up for it . I received a very poor apology letter riddled with flaws which included they had retrained the staff (they done it quick as the incident happened around half 5 in the evening and the letter was date stamped the next day and was with me first thing) , the letter also said that I must be aware that stores must carry out random searches and that they feel this letter will bring a end to the matter and I should feel welcome to continue shopping in there store. THIS HASNT BROUGHT A END TO IT , IT HAS JUST ENRAGED ME TO DEMAND JUSTICE. I have had a quick internet search about this company and this problem and they have falsely accused loads of people of this and have never been brought to justice over it . I have since received the letter tried to contact the area manager again to little success , I was told she was out of the country , on sick leave , not available and then when I do get hold of her she said she was driving and would call me back on Thursday or Friday (this didn't happen ) im chasing her up again on Monday . it seems this discount food store which advertises it has won the which best supermarket award for years likes to lie to people and accuse them of false crimes
  5. I have now spoken to the companies head office clearly explaning what has happened , I am expecting a phone call tomorrow from the area manager of the company who is investigating the incident , I have also began to speak to the people I know who witnessed what happened and trying to get them to either write me witness statements that I can give to the company myself or get them to contact head office directly of the company like I have had to and explain to them what has happened
  6. I recently visited a well known discounted grocery store to purchase a item that I wanted - I had with me a rucksack over my shoulder as the store doesn't give out free carrier bags . The store didn't have the product I wanted so I walked out of the store passed a empty checkout and into the car park . A few seconds later a young female member of staff came running out of the store and placed her hand on my shoulder , I had some earphones in so I took them out to see what she wanted . She said she wanted to look in my bag as I had stolen something from the store , I protested that I hadn't stolen anything from the store and had the rucksack as the company doesn't give out free carrier bags and that loads of people carry rucksacks in there store . she once again said I had stolen something from the store and demanded to look in my bag . I refused and said she couldn't as I hadn't stolen anything and the only person who had a right to look in my bag was a policeman and she was more than welcome to call the police and they could search me . she refused to call the police but still demanded to look in my bag and was shouting at me in the middle of the car park outside the store and saying I was a thief in front of customers who was going in and out of the store (unfortunately I knew some of them) , after a while of her shouting at me and calling me a thief and me saying call the police she turned round and went back in the store. I stood in the carpark for a while to calm down and recover myself from the situation . I walked back into the store to talk to a manager of the store to sort out what was going on , I first found the young girl who accused me of shoplifting and asked her if the manger was available to speak to , she said there was no manager or assistant manager and that she was incharge of the store , I asked if there was a complaint procedure I was told no and that the manager would be back tomorrow and I should speak to them , she then went on to say I had no right to complain as I was in the wrong and we had a few choice words in the store with her still calling me a shoplifter - I was wondering what rights I have and what I can do about this incident
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