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  1. further updates I have now become in some what of a crossroad , I have been evaluating what I could do today as aldi aren't forthcoming in offering any sort of resolution .The high court has to be ruled out due to financial reasons but I have looked into the small claims court and went and got a n1 form to start the process. Whilst sitting down this evening to start going through the form I receive a phone call from the aldi area manager that I have been corresponding with who previously offered me a bottle of wine and flowers. she said she had been speaking to the directors of the comp
  2. further updates I have just received a phone call from the area manager , she has said that the company procedure is completely lawful and they have the right to search anyone they believe may have committed a crime whether they have seen it or not on there premises. They have offered me a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers as a apology - I said I have no use for a cheap bottle of wine nor any half dead flowers , she said that was all they could offer as she felt they had done nothing wrong and it was a jesture to clear the air - she said they would not apologise publicly as the membe
  3. further updates I have emailed the joint directors of the company a huge letter detailing the incident and the terrible letter received , I asked the question how has there company got the legal right to do random searches on customers . I mentioned that after a very quick internet search that the company has done this to a lot of people (some quite horrific - a woman called Janine Taylor was accused of stealing half a box of cereal) and for a company who boasts of there customer excellence and award achievements why do they have a company procedure to break the law and accuse innocent c
  4. update on the incident The area manager did not phone me like was promised so I chased her down on the phone to speak to her , she made a very rubbish apology and said she would send me something in the post to make up for it . I received a very poor apology letter riddled with flaws which included they had retrained the staff (they done it quick as the incident happened around half 5 in the evening and the letter was date stamped the next day and was with me first thing) , the letter also said that I must be aware that stores must carry out random searches
  5. I have now spoken to the companies head office clearly explaning what has happened , I am expecting a phone call tomorrow from the area manager of the company who is investigating the incident , I have also began to speak to the people I know who witnessed what happened and trying to get them to either write me witness statements that I can give to the company myself or get them to contact head office directly of the company like I have had to and explain to them what has happened
  6. I recently visited a well known discounted grocery store to purchase a item that I wanted - I had with me a rucksack over my shoulder as the store doesn't give out free carrier bags . The store didn't have the product I wanted so I walked out of the store passed a empty checkout and into the car park . A few seconds later a young female member of staff came running out of the store and placed her hand on my shoulder , I had some earphones in so I took them out to see what she wanted . She said she wanted to look in my bag as I had stolen something from the store , I protested that I h
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