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  1. Am I right in thinking that if a "standard default notice" ; one that is computer generated allegedly under the act, which is not completed & manually adjusted with all the prescribed terms (being specified default date, specified amount, action which they intend to take, account number, date of notice, Creditor & debtors details, accompanying OFT sheet etc etc.... completely defective) is sent alongside a letter of intention to file a default (which is in no way covered by the consumer credit act) then the creditor has failed in its statutory duty to serve a lawful document under the
  2. Also I phoned them & informed them I couldn't make any further payments as my credit files suggested the account had been sold & that until I was given written confirmation of the full status of the account it would remain so. During that call I was passed to a different department & they actually changed my credit files from settled to showing a balance while I was on the phone. I have hard copies of my files showing these changes. Santander verbally deny ever closing, terminating or selling the account or debt. They claim the "account" has now been re-called from Fredrickson
  3. The card was originally through Abbey I believe
  4. Oh the balance is now £4100 as they took the full arrears payment in July. Also the account had already been passed to Fredricksons before I made the arrears payment as they couldn't find the account on screen. Received a letter from Fredricksons weeks afterwards saying they were "collecting on behalf of Santander" which showed my arrears payment to "fredricksons account". Checked my CRA files & one showed as settled no default, the other defaulted & satisfied.
  5. Hi, 2009 I think ill have to check. Situation is this: I was off work with a long term illness which Santander were completely aware of & they suspended collections for up to 9 months. At around the 6 month point I contacted them to let them know I was back to work but as i'm self employed was unsure how quickly work would pick up again & that I may be able to clear the arrears quite quickly or may have to consider a reduced payment arrangement. They agreed to give me 30 days breathing space to consider this. I hadn't received any default notice & they didn't ask me durin
  6. Hi, New to the site so please bear with me while I find my way around. Having some major issues with Santander cards & would appreciate some advice. My question is this: Can someone advise me as to when a letter of intention to file a default is sent "along with" a formal default notice, should the "actual default notice" still be fully compliant with the consumer credit act & contain all the prescribed terms?
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