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  1. Thanks for our help. It is a shame and i am gutted but atleast i know now before i get the boot and something may come up, thanks again for your help
  2. i am due to be paid on thursday and have worked 2 weeks in hand, will they be required to pay me in full on Thursday?
  3. Do i not have any rights at all? They have not discussed this with me and i have noted on several occasions that i need more help of which has not been given? Obviously working for said company is not something i want to continue and i am now actively seeking another job, however i am basically being pushed which i was under the impression is constructive dissmisal?
  4. Hello I recently started working for a local company and have come across a few issue I started working at my current employers on 2nd October 2013. During which time a formal contract has never been drawn up for me to sign. I started the job after the staff their jokingly told me how the previous employee had a 'meltdown' and left. The joke was that 'A' the accountant and her always argued. Within my first few weeks various small amounts of training on sage and accounts was given but nothing substantial. I report to the Sales Manager and as such voiced concerns to him whi
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