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  1. Thank you for your response....didn't word my response correctly. I would like compensation, if only to cover the vet fees, just wasn't sure how you would go about pursuing someone if the "goods" were bought via an advert rather than through a shop. Regards
  2. They did not give me information about their client, they gave me medical information about the dog. My own vet gave me his chip number and I emailed a number of the vets in the area I bought him, explained that I needed his medical history and fortunately one of them was the right vet and they called me back. Money here is now really irrelevant....I want to know if I can take action for posting an advertisement that basically told lies and influenced me as towhether or not I bought the dog.
  3. Last week I visited and then bought a dog on Gumtree which was advertised as "recently vet checked and in excellent health". However, when I got him home I noticed that he kept shaking his head and upon looking saw that he had an extremely serious ear infection....his poor ear was a complete mess Next day I took him to my own vet who couldn't even inspect it properly because it was so sore but started him on antibiotics. I tried to get hold of previous owner but she was not returning my calls or texts. i tracked down her vet who confimred she has taken him in 10 days previous for his ear probl
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