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  1. I signed up with phoenix business agents in march 2009 to sell my business and same old story paid £750 up front was told that I would I would get this back when sold never once had a viewing or any calls to say there was any interest I cancelled my contract by registered post in October 2013 the very next day I received a phone call asking for £2200 to be paid by the end of that day as I refused I was then told that I would be invoiced for £3600 which I received two days later I then did my research and found that they have been doing this for a long time. I was charmed into this contract by ,,,,,, at the time I thought he seemed a really nice chap and although he did go through the contract with me I did not read it myself he read it to me whist I was sat opposite him and of course he left out the section that states that they will charge you a fee of £3000 once you cancel even after the six month period I was told the same as a lot of other people that I was tied in for six months they had the rights to sole seller after that I could cancel by sending a letter by registered post . I have received a number of phone calls from various people asking for money I have been offered deals to pay half but all plus vat I have refused all of them and told them to take me to court as I just think they are trying to scare me into making a payment I thought this was going to happen and was told two weeks ago that they are starting legal proceedings against me I decided to brace myself and fight for what is right and yet this morning I have had yet another phone call asking for the money and trying to threaten me by saying that their barristers are so good that they will force me into bankruptcy and that I will lose my house . I have sought legal advice and have reported them to cacs and trading standards and I am now waiting to hear from my solicitor about how we move forward so I can get rid of this headache so if anyone can help with any advice I would be most grateful.
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