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  1. Can someone please advise. I own a gf apartment in NI the upstairs landlord wants to install a phoenix gas pipeline to their apartment up the middle of my frontage. Between my front door (only exit) and my living room window.
  2. Speechless. Just cannot believe it, and no room for a european court appeal so obviously they had no confidence in their own judgement that it would stand up to further investigation.
  3. Hello all, I haven't been on in quite a while as i have been waiting on the final judgement on the test case. So hopefully after today it is all plain sailing:)
  4. Amendment to previous post. For the last 5 1/2 weeks i have been trying to organize a re-mortgage with the NR. Up to now i have found them to be professional ,willing and above all quick. Now i wanted to re-mortgage with NR to save time and hassle. Two things that haven't happened, i received my offer letter today after multiple phone calls (mostly made by me) and am now in the middle of a very unsatisfactory customer complaint. Has anyone else had the same problems? Stuart
  5. Hi All I have been up to my eyes since new year with work so haven't done any thing yet . Am about to lodge my mcol so will post any results on here. Just to update though i had explained the process to a few guys in work and to date one has received £500 from the halifax and another's sister has just got £4500 from the bank of ireland. Cheers Stuart
  6. Canadian owned by any chance? no french i believe
  7. Close An engineering firm in monkstown. It is a multinational though 50000 employees in 60 countries etc Stuart
  8. Thanks for replies Still fuming though Stuart
  9. Hi I hope someone can help. 15 days ago i had an interview with my current employer for a new post within the company. I was told it would take until this week before i heard anything. Last night i was phoned at home by a co-worker in the department concerned to say that he had been called into meeting to tell the department, that no-one had got the job that i was after as no-one had 'stood out at interview' and that they were re-organising the department from within and promoting three members of their team. (without interview). My point is should they not have informed the interviewees by letter before making this information public knowledge throughout the factory? Also can they then redefine the criteria and appoint without interview? I hope you can all help me as i am now in work and fuming. Stuart:cry:
  10. Hope you can help i cant find an address for the information comissioner. Stuart
  11. yes i think you are right they are, but my point is that i am being made to pay twice for the one service. Water rates have always been inc in council rates (although they wern't spent on maintaining the water system)
  12. Hi All Just wondering about your opinions on the newly instigated water rates. Up until now we have had our water rates included in our council rates and now in the same year as the biggest increase in council rates we now have a separate water and sewerage rates bill. My biggest problem is that all bills will be based on the value of our homes as of 2005. NOT the amount of water we use, so a one person household will pay the same as a family of five next door.Another problem is the rapidly increasing house prices in NI, because the rates will be reorganised to suit the new value of the properties before very much longer. All comments will be appreciated Stuart
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