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  1. I just wanted to know how they work out the overpayment do they work out what you would of been entitled to with your new circumstances then you owe the difference?
  2. How are housing benefit op calculated
  3. I'm the one that noticed I was being overpaid so I told them and asked for my claim to be suspended while they work out the overpayment x
  4. Hi I recently discovered that I have been overpaid hb fom may Til November as I forgot to advise that my wages had increased by approx 7.50 per week I have told my local council of this they haven't noticed and I have offered to pay any overpayment back in full I'm just scared that after reason posts on here that I will be prosecuted etc when I haven't deliberately meant to not notify them it just slippe my mind and as soon as I discovered I notified them straight away I also asked for my claim to be suspended I'm just so sick with worry tht they may think this was fraudulant
  5. can you advise of the outcome please i have the same problem
  6. I am not under any kind of investigation as far as i know of fingers crossed they advise of the overpayment amount and I can pay what I owe back my own fault I know !
  7. Thanks put my mind at ease a little will I have to go to one of those iuc even though I have realised my error informed them apologised offered to pay the money back after all if I hadn't of realised it would of probably gone unnoticed by them for months
  8. Someone help please I can't eat or sleepy with the worry
  9. Can see lots of people viewing also like to Add I requested for the benefit to be suspended while try look into it
  10. I need some advise please I completley forgot to advise housing benefit that I had a pay rise by 7.50 extra a week this was in April didn't take affect until may and it came to my attention in November that I had failed to advise the housing benefit people of the increase as soon as I realised I called them straight away they then advised to write a letter advise of my error offer to pay back any overpayments and provide evidence of the increase which I have done and handed in straight away I'm now massively worried after reading posts on here that I'm going to get done for fraud when I haven't intentionally meant to withold information and as soon as I realised my error I reported it straight away can someone tell me what's going to happen to me in a single mum and only claiming housing benefit and wtc and ct :(
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