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  1. Hi all and many, many thanks for all your responses - there is some good advice on here and I do appreciate all comments. Fortunately my manager is very approachable and would probably suggest I need a "proper" chat with him to see where we are going with this. I've already put the feelers out to various agencies, so fingers crossed! By all means, if there any other sales guys out there who have been in this situation or have experienced it, I would welcome any feedback you can give. Thanks all and will keep you posted on what happens.
  2. Hi all and hope someone can help me. I've been a sales rep with a company for the past 12 years and have done a reasonable job. I've met targets, called on customers regularly and have been told by many that I'm in with the bricks! The past 2years have been tough as my territory has been decimated with customers going bust or just not spending and as a result of this, my figures for this year are down and my position is now on a shaky peg! My manager, off record, has told me to start looking for another job as he does not want to go down the route of micro-managing me - this
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