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  1. It's been a long time, but the matter is now resolved. I don't like loose ends, so to thank everyone that replied and to close this thread, I thought I'd give an update. The screen was taken away for testing (yes - the entire screen, even though it was two hinges that were faulty). The manufacturer agreed that they were below the expected quality standard and I was sent a new screen. The cost of my glasses was also compensated (£270) after I purchased a similar set as a replacement.
  2. I've been in touch with the retailer and the manufacturer over the last week. The manufacturer has stated that all parts/products have to be tested to British Standards before they can sell the products. This doesn't answer my question regarding fatigue tests - I've asked again for proof of certification. The manufacturer has sent me a replacement hinge (the same plastic material with a chrome painted coating), but I have not received the assurances that it will not put anyone at risk of injury by failing again. Until I have the assurances that it is safe, I will not use the r
  3. Thanks all for your responses - I've emailed the retailer with a request to provide the fatigue test certification details. I'll post back when I get a reply... Al
  4. Hello, I have not asked the retailer - yet. I wanted to find out if it was reasonable for me to do so and what my rights were. Do I have a legitimate claim for loss/injury?
  5. We renovated our bathroom 4 years ago and had a bath tub and shower screen fitted as part of the work. It was bought from an online store (with an actual high street store behind it). It had a good reputation/feedback, so I was confident in buying from them. We have used the bath/shower for the last 4 years until a couple of days ago. While bathing my 3 year old son, the shower screen dropped without warning. The impact of the falling shower screen was on my face - I had a bruised cheek and broken glasses (glasses on my face to see with, not the shower screen glass). I caught it i
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