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  1. If your partner has no assets and subject to the usual caveats then going BR could be a more attractive and neater option. They would be cut loose financially from their previous relationships. Worth exploring.
  2. A good discount implies a dodgy debt. I would be tempted to send a CCA request.
  3. Some mobile phones are able to block calls. By the way Fred's and Lowells are now part of the same evil empire.
  4. I'm sure a DMP with Payplan over the next 12 years could be a solution.
  5. You will also discover that in all probability most of your debts are unenforceable. Payplan are sponsored by the Banks and Financial Industry and in my opinion have a conflict of interest concerning the administration of DMPs. Self manage and send cca requests to each of your creditors. Complaining to Payplan is in my experience unlikely to provide any remedy, you'll just receive a standard response.
  6. Not seem many Stradas about.
  7. I got £200 for my car at a scapyard but I did have to get it there. The problem I suspect will be the future of your relationship with your neighbour. You don't want years of hassle.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. Maybe getting the Police to look over it might give the neighbour an incentive to shift it.
  9. Doesn't it still have to be taxed even on private land? Thought the rules had changed on SORNs
  10. May I suggest you engage the services of a good accountant. Particularly as you are self employed, they can save you easily the money they cost and also prevent all this hassle.
  11. We're a long way from that situation aren't we? I'm not advocating irresponsibility but suggesting a robuster negotiating strategy that's all.
  12. The trouble is you've now shown your hand. They know you've got a wedge. Don't pay yet. If its SBed then send the letter and just ignore it. In fact eff em, ignore it anyway. They're chancers and shysters.
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