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  1. I can not say with 100% confidence. Though it does appear that my appointment was rather more influenced by the Director, unfortunately though i havent been able to deliver what it is he wants due to the objections of the line manger, which givens him a stronger "excuse" to seek an extension to potential dismissal route. Having considered it more though it seem rather odd to me. Legally i have no rights for 2 years. Legally they can dismiss me without any repercussions during that time. So what value is extending my probation other than to impart a element of fear? Its very odd.
  2. It does keep me awake. I think about all the silly personal things, but then my rational brain tells me that its not really me, i am just stuck in the middle. I also know that were all different, and not everyone can get on with everyone. When i smile it might be read as a grimace, when i laugh people might think it sarcastic, emails can be read any way you want depending on your mindset etc etc. The biggest problem really is making sure i get something else BEFORE he makes his final decision, because i don't think most people can afford to not work....i know i certainly cant. And t
  3. I agree, its impossible for me to help improve processes when the process driver doesnt want it! I have tried to involve him, it seem to just inflame him, so for the duration i have done nothing on the project. The situation seems to be a battle of wills between the two, and as you rightly note, i think any suggestions i make now would have little longevity. The line manager seems to feel that our relationship is lacking. He doesnt give any clear indication as to what it is he wants me to improve on. During out meeting he frequently contradicted himself. "This team is a good t
  4. Looking for a little advice. First post, but this has been playing on my mind for a few days. Story. Got a perm job through an agency. Not a bad number. Job was sold as accountant PLUS review and improvement duties. The team i joined, long standing small team been there for between 15 - 6 years. I am the first new person for all that time. One line manager. One Director. Director wants improvement, that why i was picked, he calls staff meeting to tell everyone. Line manager does not, and states that his way is perfect and i must not attempt to do what employed to d
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