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  1. Will it make a difference i have filed a claim against cash4phones and not the limited company?
  2. i have already filed against cash4phones though, think it should of been the company name yemonia limited, hopefully this will be enough for action. Not sure if i should simply fill in another claim form?
  3. I have filed a court claim against the company cash4phones on 11.12.13, should it of been made against the company rather than the trading name?
  4. I have now filed court proceedings against them on against cash4phones and not the limited company.
  5. Hi All, Sent my letter advising of legal action within 7 days, the address of the head office rejected my signed for letter at the following address below: C4P TRADING LIMITED SUITE 21 5 SPRING STREET PADDINGTON LONDON UNITED KINGDOM W2 3AQ The address i sent my phone to originally did accept, so here is hoping i get a satisfactory ending.
  6. C4P Trading Limited Suite 21 5 Spring Street Paddington London W2 3RA Reference: Breach of Contract - Order ID: To Whom It May Concern, I originally sent my iPhone 4s 64GB to (C4P TRADING LIMITED) trading as Cash4Phones after receiving a quotation on your website of around £206; this was then sent via royal mail recorded delivery on 19.10.13 under Barcode reference: I then received a response via email from you on 23.10.13 with a revised offer of £72.10 due to the following reasons: • Excessive wear & tear • Cracked or damaged back Casing. I then instantly rejected the offer and paid the £8.95 return fee on your website, as well as this I emailed yourselves complaining at the valuation as the phone I had sent was under a year old with no visible signs of excessive wear & tear. After the rejection and subsequent email complaint, I then received a response for Yvonne in your customer service department on 24.10.13 who offered me the below details: • Handset: £150 • Return fee refund: £8.95 I then accepted this offer on the same date 24.10.13 and she responded a few days later on the 28.10.13 advising that I would receive my full payment 72 working days later. It is now the 29.11.13 and after sending several further emails with no response from Below is the full breakdown of what I expect to reach my bank account within the next 7 days otherwise I will have no other option then to start legal proceedings against your company. • £150 Handset fee • £8.95 Return fee refunded • £6.95 Royal Mail Special Delivery Refund (Sending my Phone) • £6.22 * 2 - Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm (Sending this letter) 1 sent to the company address and 1 to the trading address. • £29 Interest since 31.10.13 Charged at £1 per Day Total: £207.34 Yours faithfully Martin Carruthers
  7. I just wondered if there was anything in particular other than name and address etc?
  8. I did notice they were on watchdog after i had sent my phone. Is there anything i would need to include with the letter?
  9. Hi, I have had the displeasure of dealing with cash4phones, i was provisionally offered £206 for my iPhone 4s 64GB which at the time was £50 above the majority of other phone companies. I then sent my phone away and i was shocked to received any offer i believe was £72 at the time, my phone had general wear and tear with a year old phone and was fully functionally with the the back casing slightly loose so i was expected a lower figure. I then declined the offer and paid the return fee instantly. This was then followed up with a email complaint about the ridiculous offer they made and on the 24th October i received a response advising they had revised there offer and amended this to £150 & additional £8.95 refund of the return fee, i accepted this offer and was informed on the 28th October i wound receive the full payment within 72 working hours and im still waiting for the payment. I have contacted watchdog and have had no further response to a further 3 emails i have sent on the same email chain and i am really considering going to small claims court about this matter. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards Martin
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