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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thank you 5 threads merged Please keep to the one thread for each claim .This is for your benefit as you will recieve much more informed advice if people can see at a glance what you have done so far Thanks
  3. The replies we have received have been from The Arlington Business Centre in Leeds but should we use our local branch address on the court papers to ensure we get a local hearing? Our contact to them was via email. I am sure I remember something about this on the old forum but I cant find anything now, have all the old posts been lost? Sorry, been ill and away and missed the move so sorry if this is old news! BTW, we got the "tough, the charges are not unlawful, get over it" letter on friday. They have SO picked the wrong lady to do this to!
  4. But it took me 3 goes to get the guts up to post it! Not because we dont feel we deserve the money back but because I will see this through to the end and the thought of court un nerves me. I just feel that every person who starts this and isnt prepared to see it through makes it more difficult for others to claim these charges back. But for damn near £4000 of my money I will take it all the way Fingers crossed it wont come to that
  5. I have read the templates and FAQ and I am confused as to whether to claim the interest as calculated on the spreadsheet when making the approach to the bank or not? I was wondering whether to ask them to refund the interest too and then use it as a bargaining tool (ie: agree to drop the interest claim in return for a full refund of all charges) or just claim the refund and only claim the interest if it gets to court? Sorry, probably being thick but I really dont know the best way to go on that Em
  6. Thanks for the welcome richard! And pf_cable (can I call you pf?) I look forward to your reply . posting mine tomorrow too Shall we be refund buddies? ;lol:
  7. Thanks Dave, having read your reply I have removed the interest charges from my claim figures. I agree with you in that the interest is their compensation and that while, morally, the intrest from the charges is mine, I really cant be bothered with the advanced maths it would take to claim it back! thanks again em
  8. Trouble is, it is hard for us to judge which is reasonable, because it seems by my statements that they charge interest on the OD (fair enough) but the interest for going over the OD limit which has happened by them putting on OTT charges is included in that figure. So howmuch to claim for?
  9. Thanks for your reply I am more than prepared to take this to small claims and tbh assumed I would have too and am heartened by the fact that it *may* not get that far! Those bas.....people have nearly £4000 of my money. Money that I could spend on my kids (I have 5) and the house, I will go to every court in the land or the world for that matter, to get it back. I have all my figures in front of me (or I will have when I have put all my figures in to the interest calculator!) and will follow the instructions to the letter. I was just worried that they will use the fact that emai
  10. Yes me. We only have one account with them but all our wages go into it and all our direct debits come out of it and I am dreading having to move it all over. See my post above
  11. 1) has anyone had an HSBC account closed because of requesting refund of fees? 2) Are there any success stories apart from the one I saw on the litigation list? (Heartening to see that HSBC are only listed twice for court action as opposed to Lloyds who seem to go to court whenever the wind blows!) 3) Has anyone dealt with their claim by email/phone and succeeded? I prefer to use email but wont if there is a chance it is more likely to be ignored etc 4) Aynone want a beer? Been working through my statements today and am KNACKERED! My round 5) I have a whole load o
  12. £3396.06 OK so we were having a bad time a couple of years ago but I cant believe it is that much, I expected £500 max! My husband called them "Robbing BEEPS" and I think he is right. One month in 2004 alone we paid just shy of £500 in charges in a classic case of charge perpetuating further charge. The items that were refused were in total less than the £500 they charged us We were going to demand anything back that we had been charged but we are DEFINETELY going to the line on this one. Right off to read the FAQ's so I dont ask any dumb q's lol
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