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  1. Thanks for your message Jess. I actually took this to MCOL on Monday. But it is good to know that if C4P dispute me I need to persevere. And thanks for the offer of help, I will be in touch if I need to
  2. I have just typed the letter and it will be posted within the next hour, Thanks again
  3. Apparently my home button was faulty! which is why they lowered my offer! The phone was in almost perfect condition. When I posted it i wrapped it in bubble wrap and used a padded envelope!
  4. The original quote was £105. Final quote £32! I pressed the accept button by accident so I haven't questioned them regarding the original quote. I just want this over with now as I'm really fed up with the company.
  5. No they didnt, suprise suprise! I have a look at the county court link and go from there. Thank you
  6. Hi, can anybody help?! I sent my old mobile phone off to Cash4phones in September (2013). My accepted the offer and according to the website my payment was sent for processing on 27/09/13. After sending emails to the company asking about the money I STILL have not received it!. I emailed last week (5/11/13) and, even though the website states that they will reply within 48 hours, I have still not had a reply. I also emailed them again this week (13/11/13) and, yet again still no reply! I have also rung them on 4 occasions but there was no reply, I was told I was in a queue and someone will answer shortly, I waited for 45 mins and no one answered!This is the most useless and unhelpful company I have ever had to deal with and now I just don't know what else to do!!! Can anybody please help???
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