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  1. When you say original paper work do you refer to the original agreement and statements? It will take me some time to find them I hope I still have it as I extremely worried about the turn of events. Thank you
  2. I had fiancé for a car for a period of 4 years , I used to get regular statements and never missed payments then they just suddenly stopped sending statements The last statement I received from Creation detailed what I paid and what I owned and when I would finish paying for the car I recall having 6 payments left I called Creation when the statements stopped and after many attempts I spoke to a gentlemen who informed me that one would be sent nothing was sent and calls would go unanswered so I wrote to them and never got a response. In December 2012 my bank called me to say a direct debit for £621.19 had been requested my monthly payment was £109 so I was rather alarmed at this as I had no prior knowledge of this amount being requested. My last payment would have been in November and as far as I was concerned the car was paid for. I received a letter today 13.11.13 informing me Account was in arrears this is the first letter I have received from them since about June 2012. That is the full story. I am therefore unsure how up proceed with this situation.
  3. I had car finance with Creation finance and I never mixed a payment I stopped receiving statements and for many months I kept requesting for statements but never received any then In December 2012 my bank notified me that a request for £600 had been taken from my bank account and since my monthly payments where £109 per month I disputed this request and the funds where re-called . I tried to contact Creation regarding this matter, wrote to them but never received any acknowledgement . However fast forward to November 2013 I noticed numerous missed calls from different numbers . I have today received a letter stating that and I quote " This letter s regarding your finance agreement a direct debit of £621.19 was retuned in December 2012 and this has now put your account in arrears . A £25 late payment charge has been applied on the account . A you are aware the terms and conditions of the above account being in collections there will be charges applied to any late payments." I would appreciate any advice regarding how to deal with this issue .
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