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  1. It's Sheffield county court. She's received a pack and has to complete a defense statement? Does she need a copy of his loan agreement for her defense?
  2. Hi, I don't know where to post this but, my cousin was in a relationship with a guy over 10 years ago. They bought a property together and subsequently split up. Her ex said he would get a mortgage on his own and stay in the property, which he did. My cousin moved to another city and eventually met and married someone and is extremely happy. However, her ex has sold the house with £10,000 negative equity. He took out a personal loan for £10,000 to settle with the mortgage company in his name only. Fast forward a few years and my cousin receives a small
  3. No and i've just been on a similar forum and another person is having exactly the same problem with lowells and a mysterious £5 payment being made on their account ......isn't this illegal?x
  4. L also forgot to put that there has been no 'defaults' on the account since 28th June 2005
  5. They posted me the original agreement from Jan 2004 but say they can't supply the how/where/when under the data protection act!x
  6. I'm having major problems with Lowells. In January 2004, we took out a loan with HFC bank for us to be able to manage whilst I was on maternity leave (and loan consolidation at £10,000). However, I had to finish work as I became disabled. We couldn't pay the mortgage and handed the keys back to the building society. Upon the sale of the house, HFC were paid 2,533.93p plus the £2772.00 we'd made in payments up to that date....£5305.93 total in payments. I know that the balance is still £4000 + but, being on benefits, we just couldn't pay. When we moved ho
  7. I just want to say a big thankyou .... ..my husband fought Robinson Way for a debt of £1500 and it turned out to be statute barred. ..his account is now closed. Also I was also chased by Robinson Way for a debt of £78.78 (NEXT Directory)which wasn't actually mine ...the new occupants of out old house thought they would pull a fast one and order £70 of goods in my name ...I checked with Experian and Next themselves. ..Robinson Way have now got the proof the debt wasn't mine. Also I had a debt of £7000 with a Yorkshire Bank Credit Card - Marlin were in pursuit
  8. ..apparently the agent looks like getting the sack !! He shouldn't 'oversell' loans to elderly people !
  9. The same area manager has been to my mum's (along with a big fella who my mum said looked like a bouncer/bailiff)......and she was demanding to know why we had reported one of her agents for over selling .....(and he's also been gossiping about who takes loans out with him in the village where she lives !!! ) x
  10. I've been looking at some of my old Credit agreements between Provident personal finance and myself as our income has gone down and we cannot afford to make their extortionate repayments. We have had the area manger knocking at the door 3 times this week to 'bully' us into paying .. ...then she said 'our agent wouldn't get paid as we weren't paying' (trying to pluck on the heart strings).. ..looking at the agreements - the APR box has been left blank ??? Also in the repayment book the APR is left blank.. ...aren't provident supposed to fill this in???x
  11. Hi, I have been awarded higher DLA rates for both care and 'getting around' (I have a severe spinal deformity with which I've had 2 failed full length spinal operations/mitral valve problems in my heart/ internal organs twisting around and being crushed due to ribcage deformities/ dislocating patella's (waiting for 2 knee replacements which I can't have for another 15 years as I'm only 41/ spinal stenosis/tendonitis in all tendons- had a wrist operation last year and now waiting for my shoulder to be done....due to tendonitis - and now arthritis in my left hip - oooh the joys LOL - but, I'm al
  12. Hi - I have been hounded by Robinson Way for approximately 2 years now for £76.78 for an apparent old Next Directory debt. I know I haven't had a Next Directory. I wrote to Next themselves and they have agreed that I haven't (either at my current address where I have lived for 6 years - or my previous address where i lived for 7 years)...I also joined Experian and they too have emailed me a reply and said that I do not owe £76.78 AT ALL - TO ANYONE !! I have telephoned Robinson Way and they said they would 'look into it'.....this morning I got up and discovered a letter from Robinson Way stati
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