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  1. Ill write them a letter. I'm not trying to avoid giving them my I&E for any reason really. Its just what I outlined in my OP. I know that on paper it looks like I can afford to pay more because i don't imagine that "saving for a deposit and months rent" would be seen as a valid expense to HMRC debt recovery team. Not to mention that I have no idea how much my rent will be but it will definitely be more than I pay curretly If I don't get my own place in the next few months I will end up on the street but Based on the tone of the conversation I had today with HMRC I don't expect them to be particularly understanding about that one
  2. Thanks for the advice. How would I go about paying them without setting up a payment plan? The woman i spoke to today was adamant that I had to provide income and expenditure so that she could decide how much I could afford. I've had some really mixed experiences with calling HMRC. I've had one woman be really helpful and understanding and talk me through things and I've had some really abrupt ones like the woman today.
  3. I owe an amount yet to be determined to HMRC. The debt is roughly £8k but hopefully will be reduced down to about £4k on the 22nd July when the system gets updated. When I spoke to the debt recovery team today, After a long lecture from a condescending woman about everything i should have done in the past (As if I didn't already know) She insisted that even though HMRC hadn't properly determined how much I owe yet, that I should still start paying it back. After explaining to her that I was uncomfortable setting up a payment arrangement with an undecided final figure, even with a government department, She insisted that If I didn't want agents knocking at the door, I needed to do "Something" so I offered to set up a direct debit to pay back the amount. I offered as much as I can afford, £250 per month to show that I was at least trying to pay it off. I earn minimum wage now and most weeks I get less than 30 hours so £250 seems like a reasonable amount. The woman then told me that "It will take ages" to pay back the debt and that I would have to provide income and expenditure evidence for that to be accepted. I explained that I was on minimum wage and she still insisted that in order to proceed i would have to provide the necessary information. Here's where I get stuck. On paper it looks like I can afford to pay more. I am currently couch surfing and trying to save up enough money to move into my own rented property but I highly doubt HMRC are even vaguely interested in anything other than the cold numbers. I'm not trying to get out of paying the debt, I fully intend to pay it back but the people that have been kind enough to put me up are already getting fed up and wont let me stay indefinitely. i don't really know what to say or do at this point.
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