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  1. I have just won my PCN fine back. Go for it. There were no bus lane marks on the road - therefore it is not a bus lane. Challenge it! Just referrred them to the Oxford High Court Ruling on the Appeal Form.
  2. Have put in FOI request: no. of visitors outside YO postcode and York Residents receiving PCN for Lendal Bridge and no. of successful appeals. Not sure how to link to thread above as new to site!
  3. Has anybody successfully challenged the temporary PCN over Lendal Bridge? Have just requested Freedom of Information of exact nos. of PCN's issued both to visitors and to residents since 27.8.13, the no. of PCNs issued more than once to same person in a day and the no. of appeals. Copy of letter to York CC and York Tourist Board below. Have already received apology from the York Tourist Board by return! £60 Day Visitor Tourist Levy Like thousands of others, it would appear, I have been caught out by the temporary bus lane restriction on Lendal Bridge, York which started on 27.8.
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