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  1. I have been employed by the company since September 2012 so just over a year for arguments sake. The thing that gets me is that I try hard and enjoy my job but still I'm faced with these problems.
  2. Hi folks, I'm new here. I was recommended to seek advice on here from a friend with a problem I am having at my work at the moment. I have done a search on here and round the government website about overtime but quite a lot of it is contradicting or confusing. My situation is that I am a full time Uni student in my final year (busy busy). I work in a retail shop on a 15 hour per week contract. Now with being in my final year I am extremely busy with my coursework. My shop has recently hired a new manager (happens to be his first store manager role) and I am currently having to work 20+ hour weeks. Over the summer this was no problem at all but now it is in the middle of semester time I am finding it hard. As well as all these extra hours I have been told that I need to complete some online learning in my own time to fulfil my job role. If I don't do these, I have been told that "it will end up being a question of my job role". To me that seems a bit threatening but I am unsure. For some reason, all the training that has to be done is things that I have been allowed to fulfil for the past year I have worked there so struggling to understand the need for training if I already know it? To try and compensate with the extra time needed for the training I requested less overtime hours to allow me to do the training. I was told that it couldn't be done as I was needed in the store for as many hours as possible. I did read somewhere that I can request time off for training. When I was told that I couldn't get any time off I said about needing to cut my hours down to my contracted 15. This made my manager pretty angry and he said that if I refused to work any overtime then he could show me the door. This was downright rude and unfair I reckon. He said it was written in my contract (which is is). The wording in my contract is as follows, The main question I have is that am I allowed to refuse overtime given what my contract says and my situation? Also if anyone knows for sure about training outside working hours (without pay) then I would be pleased to hear more about it. I have tried to give as much information as possible and I realise I have probably rambled on a bit but if any more information is needed then I will endeavour to give it! Thanks
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