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  1. It's been some time since I first posted this. Would anyone have any further advice on a way to get around the Limitation Act or another way to go about this? Thank you.
  2. So technically, if they hadn't paid but said they would a CCJ would be filed? Otherwise having paid I am obligated to withdraw the claim otherwise I'm in breach of something or other?
  3. Thank you! Why do they send that form to fill out then? Is it because they ticked the part liability box by mistake?
  4. Looks like the Limitation Act 1980 means its 6 years in my case. I don't think this would be an exceptional case?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I want to sue him for the money that he stole of which I never got a penny back. He was convicted for fraud by false misrepresentation. Hope this clarifies things. Jim
  6. In April 2007 I was the victim of Internet fraud. The crim was tried, convicted and sentenced during December 2008. Unfortunately I was TIC'd (Taken Into Consideration) on the case and I did not receive any compensation nor did anyone else on the sheet. Recently, I have noticed the crim is trading under his own name (sole trader) and I was hoping to issue a claim against him. Of course now it is more than six years since it has passed. The only thing I wondered was, given a criminal case was brought against him can I take the resolution of that as the time in passing? Otherwise I guess I'
  7. I issued a claim and the defendant has admitted liability and already sent a cheque with the claim form return which has cleared. I just want to clarify what I tick on the form N225A. It has to be Box B 'I accept the amount admitted by the defendant in satisfaction of my claim' and then tick 'I accept the defendants proposal for payment'. But in Part C which is then obligatory it has the first part saying if I don't accept the defendants proposal for payment tick a box. Well I do, its paid in full. Then I need to fill out some payment totals. Do I fill these out? I don't seem to be able t
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