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  1. Thanks for your help - I actually live in England it is the AA visa card address which is in Scotland. Will I need to start the process all over again if I contact the address in Halifax which you gave me?
  2. I forgot to say I need to know whether I can put the BOS and/or Halifax on the form or does it have to be AA Visa Services? I am getting a bit confused here - be grateful for any help.
  3. I am making a claim against AA visa card which I believe is administered by the Bank of Sctoland and Halifax. i tried to put the AA card address in Moneyclaim but as it is in Scotland cannot make the claim in this way unless I can provide an address in England. can anyone advise me on what to do next PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!
  4. Hi Martin - thanks for replying. I have asked BT what the 40 quid is for but so far have not received a reply - just a reminder!!!! You know the usual 'efficiency'!! Have a good Christmas and a very Happy New Year - keep up the good work!!!
  5. Just to let you know that I found out that there is an association ISPA for internet service providers. I filled in a First Complaint form on their website and they replied that I should be contacted by Tiscali within 7 days and if this didn't happen to contact hem again. I did this and filled in a Second complaint form. And guess what - I had everything sorted out within 24 hours!!!! What a result aye. This only works if the ISP is a member but there is a list on their website and it is quite comprehensive. Hope this info helps anyone else having a problem. Thanks to everyone who gave me their advice in this matter. Now i have another problem - this time with BT. I changed to Tesco for my home phone and BT have sent me a bill for over £40. I have asked for an explanation but just keep getting reminders. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. Have asked to speak to senior manager (and addressed letters to them too) but will try again tomorrow and quote as you say. Thank you for your help. Will let you know how i get on.
  7. Thank you for replying so quickly. Sorry if i was a little misleading but because of their actions i take it they are refusing - they haven't actually said that. In fact whenever I have rang they have said they will e mail it to me in 5 days but they don't do it. When i ring again they say the same again and when i tell them that I want the code there and then they say it isn't possible. They have not replied to any of my letters.
  8. Has anyone else had a problem getting a MAC (Migration Access Code) from Tiscali. I have been requesting one since June when I wanted to change to another provider. Ofcom have not been able to help nor have BT. Although I cancelled DD and Tiscali broadband, they have still been taking money out of my account. I don't know what else to do. Have made numerous telphone calls and written several letters but still no action! If anyone has had this problem and been able to resolve it pleeeeease let me know - AM DESPERATE!!!!!(and annoyed)
  9. Thanks everyone I look forward to speaking with you all and sharing experiences - i am just about to challenge credit card costs!!!! (among other things) I am on a roll now. Have any of you bought the Small Claims pack? I'd be interested to know what you think! Cheers
  10. I have just joined the Consumer Action group - no, I lie - I actually first contacted the group in June but then got so busy forgot all about it. Anyway I have decided that I need this site more than it needs me as I am always fighting (not just for myself but for my family too) for fair and honest treatment. Something that is sadly lacking in our society today - people or organisations which we were brought up to trust in are constantly letting us down by overcharging or through shoddy goods and poor service. I am grateful to this site (found through Martin's Money Tips) where we can all get together and help each other fight the 'big boys'. I look forward to conversing with other members.
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