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  1. Yeah - loads. I have a debt management plan for my other debts with StepChange - I pay an amount each month - the total on those is about £3000
  2. Yeah - it's over a period of several years amalgamated. Regarding the debt - I don't have much to tell. it was council tax arrears where some has been paid whenever I've been able to. 6mnths ago they decided to go for an earnings arrestment - which actually suits me better anyway. I never went ot court over it but they sent through the paperwork showing the decision had been made and the amount the could take from my earnings (a table which shows varying amounts depending on income). They've been taking this amount quite happily for the 6mth period and then - without any other contact - they've sent the letter above. The debt covers approx 5 years with some already paid off. Part of me thinks that the letter is just them testing the water to see if I have funds I haven't told them about which I would pay off the debt quicker with. Unfortunately, I don't.
  3. Hi all, I've used this site many times for bits and pieces of advice - but I cannot find anything on my own situation. Any help anyone can offer would be gratefully received I have council tax debt which Scott and Co administer on behalf of Glasgow City Council. I have an earnings arrestment with them, which, in a strange way suits me best - because then the money comes off my wages and I don't need to worry any more about it. This has been going on for 6 months or so and I pay around £140 each month this way. Yesterday, however, I received a letter from Scott and Co which says : Glasgow City Council v Roswell1211 Address Reference : ******* Current Balance : £3,274.56 We refer to the above and to your existing Earnings Arrestment and write to advise that due to the current balance outstanding, we require you to make further additional payments towards these arrears. Please telephone ********** no later than close of business 14th November 2013. We can confirm that a 7 day hold has been placed on your account in order for you to contact the writer. We urge you not to ignore this matter. ------------------------- Now, before I contact them I want to try to have as much info as possible. Firstly, my understanding of the Earnings Arrestment process was that they take a %age of your wage as decreed by law. The %age is chosen as 'an affordable amount'. Is that the case? If so - is this just bullying tactics to see if they can get more out of me (they physically can't)? Alternatively, due to the size of the debt (>3000) I think they could petition for sequestration - but would this benefit them in any way - I don't own my house and don't own any valuable property (this old PC is probably the most valuable single thing and wouldn't fetch much:-)). I understand the sequestration process lasts a year and then contributions from wages can be taken for three further years - but at my current rate, I'd have paid off the amount in that time frame anyway - so I'm unsure what they would gain from the process. As I say, before I contact them, I'd just like to have some facts - but if anyone has received letters like this in the past they might be able to tell me what happened? Thanks for you time.
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