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  1. thanks for that I didn't expect anyone tonight to be honest just wanted to pose my problem whilst still at the blood boiling stage
  2. Hi all, I'm having an issue with Lowell , they have written to me stating I owe just short of £300 for a mobile with three ,I rang three up as I do have a few contract phones with them gave three the account number lowells quoted and three informed me that it is in my name but not at my address , lived here 17 years and not my bank account that I pay the contract phones through .rang lowells .... didn't think any company could be so delightful to deal with not.. . I explained to lowells not my debt and can I have proof basic answer from lowells was pay up or else , I said well go for the so else , I have written the prove it letter now will send in the morning recorded delivery to them ,but the other issue I have is they have lodged 3 default so my credit file and a linked address ,the linked address I have never lived at and on 2 of the defaults they are not my date of birth 1does have my date of birth ,but I don't know how that's happened as I've never lived at the address lowells have put the default on , so that have sort of blown my credit rating a bit , any ideas on how I can deal with lowells and the cra to remove this incorrect info seems a bit of a cheek by lowells lodging defaults not in my name or date of birth but looking around seems the norm for lowells any help appreciated thanks paul
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