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  1. Just to update you all got a phone call earlier this evening from manager of dealership to say that they will replace the tyres with Michelin sport tyres as should be fitted absolutely delighted as I really thought they would come up with some excuse, they say that citroen will pay half and the dealer will pay the other half just goes to show if you keep at them sometimes it pays off, thanks for all the advice.
  2. Thanks for all the advice I appreciate them all, in answer to your question everyone I've contacted on the forum have Michelin sport tyres as the original tyre and yes the speed rating is ok but the main complaint I have with the tyres are their performance in the wet both braking and handling which is a big concern to me having already nearly come a cropper (the front of the car wanted to go straight with part lock on a roundabout in the wet) not going fast at the time, it was scary to say the least, latest update both the salesman and his manager think I've got a valid point but still waitin
  3. . The tyres are definitely not original I confirmed this on an owners forum besides the car is a citroen ds4 sport which is marketed by citroen as a sporty type car and these tyres that have been fitted are probably the cheapest on the market, as for the service history there is none due to the car only covering 2500 miles no mention of tyres being replaced I even checked the car had no damage recorded. I suspect someone's swopped these tyres to their own car to save themselves a lot of money but there's no way to prove that but I still feel the dealer should sort this out surely I should no
  4. Just bought a car from well known large dealership, although the car is 15 months old I was told it was an ex demo with only 2500 miles on the clock, the car looked like new as you would expect and I agreed to buy it paying with trade in and cash (debit card) I was very happy with the car until I discovered whilst washing the wheels that it had budget tyres fitted which are a third of the price of the factory fitted tyres (Michelin sport) although I did check the tyres prior to paying I didn't notice the make being more concerned with the tread of the tyres
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