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  1. Thanks for the info DX Could I make a claim with my car insurance company? (Fully comp)
  2. Hi I've recently had some work done on my car which has resulted in considerable damage being caused by the company who did it. The work was to vinyl wrap parts of the car, however the person who performed the work was negligent and has caused considerable slits in all of the window seals, they no longer fit properly, and now need replacing. It was not a garage, but a specialist who does window tinting, vehicle graphics and vinyl wrap services. I have sent him photos and he is willing to "take a look" (on Friday) however there is no way they can be repaired and will require
  3. Thanks all for your replies..... Incidentaly the boiler was installed direct to the end user. The middle company never actually "possessed" it as such. There were no contracts, only verbal terms of agreement. Right, to confirm, the middle company was in an actual state of liquidation when the order was placed, with appointed liquidators. My friend today rang the actual liquidators (government liquidator with .gov.uk email address). The person he spoke with said the following....(summarised) - As the company was in a state of liquidation at the time that the order was mad
  4. Hi all, My first post here is on behalf of a friend of mine who's in a situation. I hope I'm in the right place for posting this question.... My friend Mr A. is a sole trader (heating engineer) who has a few months back been contracted by a Ltd company (b) who specialises in commercial central heating installations. Mr A. has installed a new boiler on a commercial premises shop © on behalf of this company he is contracted by. (The shop is company b's customer). It has since transpired that the company (b) is in a state of liquidation. It has just come to light that the compan
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