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  1. so whats the court like? do i have to say a poem to DJ?
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH andyorch! and to this forum! I been reading a lot x
  3. FINALLY request for information arrived!! after mediation last week. its a recon! i do not know how i will play this but i DO know i will be looking forward to the court hearing next month
  4. thank you so much IMS posting letter tom and will update ogi
  5. good afternoon DX thanks for enlightening me. I must say that i do not recall taking this life insurance policy. we have 3 mortgage from the bank,one in my ex sole name, a joint mortgage and joint equity release all the mortgages is now been paid according to my SAR accordingly the bank cannot provide any agreement nor statements beyond 2005 all my bank statement nor the joint account doesnt show a dd for this amount this might be included on the mortgage payment each month but which one? i would like you please to give me some pointers to write to the bank regard
  6. Hello dx see attach doc can i claim for this one as well? jus going through a box full of SAR. as mention i do not know i have all this insurance looks like this attached to a mortgage account which we have 3 from the bank but i do not know which mortgage account it relates to ogi
  7. thank you so much dx! will post letter on monday ogi
  8. could you please give me a rough idea how to calculate this Single premium of 1145.53 added to loan 5k on 13.9 apr monthly payment 139.98
  9. thank you for a quick reply dx the 3 attachment i posted is the only doc i got from my sar i didnt knew i have ppi accordingly they cannot provide any loan agreement nor statement beyond 2005 the offer dont make sense to me
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