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  1. Nice one ell-en! I think we should put you forward for a knighthood!
  2. Hi Gerry, dont assume the court hearing has been cancelled until you get it in writing, we have just been through this, and they are an unscrupulous bunch of wotsits. My advice would be dont talk with them on the phone, do everything in writing, and even if you do get a letter saying the hearing has been cancelled, just double check on the website. have learnt an awful lot on here, and anything ell-enn tells you to do, do it and you'll be fine!
  3. Hi there, You are in the right place, its usually very quiet here at the weekend,but someone will be along soon. We have just been through a very similar situation ourselves,and the advice on here got us through it, it seems scary but there is lots you can do! Hang in there!
  4. The solicitors made things far worse,and caused a lot of anxiety. I know we are not out of the woods yet, but I have a better understanding of how it all works now! I would like to stick around on here and give some support to people going through the same thing! I am so grateful for all the help and support I have received,I'd like to give something back!
  5. Well, the deed is done! I was fine all morning, rehearsed what I was going to say, we checked ourselves in and the rep from bank of scotland came tottering in,and basically saying we have accepted your payment etc,etc,so no need to bother the judge with any other matters. Our name was called, I walked into the office,and had the biggest panic attack I have ever experienced............ the judge was very helpful and calmed me down. The long and short of it is we dont have to pay £150 per month,the judge agreed to £100 (due to the imminent interest rate rise) so we are pleased with that. He was
  6. Thats fantastic news! We have our day in court on thursday,and I just want it over with! not scared,just numb,and fed up, but in a good way! well done you!x
  7. All written up and ready to take in tomorrow,I filled out their I and E form in the end, but took everything else from the link, wrote it all by hand, but will take proof of our last payment, a wage slip,and a copy of my new work contract in with me on the day, I will also photocopy any correspondence I have had with the bank or solicitors with me too...............have I forgotten anything? Just sit tight now until the 19th!............... just want to say,all of you on here have helped me through this, mainly by treating me as a human being and not a social pariah, and the solicitors arent t
  8. So pleased for you,and that you have had such a positive experience! I'm not coping very well,anxiety is through the roof,and I have a million thoughts going through my head. mainly about our court day,and that we will get a bastard of a judge who will laugh at us, sounds silly I know! Its in 2 weeks time so with the help of ell-enn (really dont know what I'd do without her) I'm preparing my defense letter,so will feel better when I have sent that off, just a waiting game now! sending you peace and calm thoughts!
  9. Well,after reading that comment it just shows what low life's they are! Absolute disgrace!:grouphug:! We are all with you deebs76!
  10. Yes I am, I will write that in at the end along with the advice on your link. I'll hand it all in personally so I know its there,having a bad week, lots of negative thoughts mainly started by someone who was repossessed because they had negative equity, I really shouldnt listen to except you guys!
  11. Hi ell-enn, its the form that came with the 'claim for repossession' not sure what number it is. I basically put that my husbands hours had been cut due to a reduced work load, and that I have managed to increase my hours at work so that should enable us to pay the cmi plus £150 towards the arrears. We have 2 dependent children (one of which has aspergers syndrome) I have proof of our payment last week,and also have wage slips to prove my increase in hours. I want to keep it simple,and not waffle too much, I will also fill in their expenditure sheet,and send it all off.................... Phe
  12. I have written my statement,and am starting to fill out the form, can i just use their budget thingy? Do I nee to send anything else? we made a payment last week,should I enclose proof of that or take it with me on the court day?
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