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  1. Train was from Liverpool Street to Norwich. As far as I am aware, as there was only one leg for my journey, the whole thing was timed to the later train? If they find that my appeal contains insufficient information, are they likely to ask for more, or simply deny it and suggest I re-appeal? Never dealt with this before, how quickly do they reply? How much information is given if you are denied the appeal?
  2. Hi, I have just been fined £64.10 for travelling on a train with an invalid ticket. Due to an emergency, it became important for me to travel home from LiverpoolStreet ASAP. When a train was called heading to my station, I asked the member of staff at the barrier if my ticket would be valid for this train (3 hours earlier than mine). He told me yes, so I boarded the train, and sat in an unreserved seat. When the conductor came over, I showed him my ticket, and he issued a fine as the ticket was invalid. Whilst I do not dispute that my ticket may have been in
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