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  1. I'm aware of most if not all DLA receipients receiving an extra tenner around xmas, has happened for a number of years as far as I know. I'm being pedantic, but is 'bonus' really the correct term for them to be using?
  2. Not sure of the in's and out's I am afraid, but I am pretty sure I've heard of that happening before, might have even been something I read on here.
  3. I understand it is against the rules for them to threaten you with Court action for a debt with has exceed the Limitations period. Complain!
  4. Formal complaint to 1st Credit followed by a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman service, if you're unhappy with 1st Credit's final response to your complaint. It will cost 1st Credit a case management fee of £500 (I think) if you do refer to FOS.
  5. It is possible for a Creditor to release their security and proceed with a Statutory Demand and a subsequent Petition.
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