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  1. advice would be appreciated I have built my credit up using Vanquis capital one cards they are high interest cards now my credit is fine I'want to apply for reasonable rate card should i cancel these cards before applying or keep cards advice would be appreciated . second query applied for balance transfer card checked on Experian it said I had 95 %

    of getting card  .  I got declined FOR CARD I  checked with bank who said they believed my income was low and to check with Equifax .  I checked with both credit agency who said they don't keep income history any help would be appreaciated 

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    2. NICHOLAS 39

      NICHOLAS 39

      I've been employed for five years my income is low.  I'm a home owner I've lived at the address 8 years my credit cards are are both under 40 percent under limit I was told by bank my earnings will not stack up to pay for card payments how does bank know my earnings also tried to compose message but it says 11 content items don't understand appreciate your assistence

    3. NICHOLAS 39

      NICHOLAS 39

      no ccj late payments or defaults hence I used Vanquis and capital one to build credit but now would like to apply for normal credit card but not sure to send my cards back and apply for new ones or keep them and apply do you know best action to take 

    4. unclebulgaria67


      Pay off the current balances first, before applying for a CC with better interest rate.


      It may be that as part of your application you gave your earnings information.  Credit records don't have the information.

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