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  1. Google Maps GOO.GL Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Please see location above.
  2. Hi, My son received a PCN after he parked his work van in a Red Route parking bay (sorry trying to download photos but having trouble) as lives in next street (only recently moved there) but didn't return within the hour as thinking as it was a bank holiday (Monday 3rd May 2021) restrictions wouldn't apply. The signage states parking Mon-Sat 7am - 7pm, I Hour, No return within 2 hours. He now realises his error but wondered if there is any chance of an appeal regarding PCN details etc posted. Date of Notice to Owner: 02/06/21 (Received by Company Secretary Saturday 5th June) as van registered in Company name. Date of Service of PCN: 03/05/21 Road stated is: Lewisham Way, London SE4 at: 10.09am Now I went on line on his behalf as no evidential pictures were supplied with posted PCN and found 4 available to view. Earliest time stated 8.42am and latest 10.10am. Also the bays are outside The Parade, Upper Brockley Road, SE4 and not Lewisham Way. Should this have been correctly stated or is it just a continuation / extension of the existing red route in Lewisham Way in which he was aware of no parking? Any thoughts regarding appealing would be much appreciated. If not I will just have to pay it for him and another lesson learned.
  3. OK thanks again dx
  4. Thanks dx. But cannot understand how that is fair if they are offering compensation (goodwill gesture) for their error and use it to reduce the balance?
  5. I recently received a letter from Nat West redemption team regarding potential compensation that may be due to me in respect of incurred costs / increased minimum payment etc between October 2018 - February 2019 on my credit card. As I did not have relevant statements for that period I submitted a Subject Access Request, in which I have now received. I have only a minimal balance outstanding and always make more than minimum monthly payment due hence no arrears. Today I have just received my latest statement in which quite a large amount in respect of compensation has been credited to my account. Correct me if I am wrong but surely as it was in respect of compensation that it should have been offered to me via cheque or direct into my bank account?
  6. Many thanks for that Emmzzi, was unaware of the flexi furlough changes. The reason I asked because as you mentioned it should be fairer for all but again my company has stated that they are only prepared to use one driver at the moment and keep the other on furlough, even though the confirmed workload for the month already is enough for two. And thanks again for the HSE guidance details. I can assure you before the last lockdown a lot of restaurants / bars kitchens where I delivered to were not adhering to COVID protocols and no wonder it ended up the way it did. Cheers
  7. Hi, I work for a delivery company based in South of England that employs 3 London drivers. We only work 3 days a week and a total of 21 hours. We were all placed on 80% Furlough again last December, in which has been extended until end of September 2021. We all received an email a few weeks ago to advise that they were intending to resume London deliveries on Monday 12th April and due to the reduced number of customers that only one driver would be required. One of the drivers resigned, so there is now only two of us. Therefore they suggested that we alternate between the two (some days furlough / some days full pay) but no holiday to be taken in the meantime due to no cover. Can they chose to do this, while using the furlough scheme? I am not trying to look a gift horse and I am grateful to still have a job but I am only trying to cover myself from any possible implications in the future. On checking my payslips in which I had to request as they were not forwarded, should the Furlough gross figure equate to 80% of my usual gross monthly salary? Also if any holiday pay taken during furlough, should it be paid at 100% of my daily pay and not 80%? Should my Work Place pension, tax and NIC be deducted from monthly pay? Should the notification have been in writing rather than a brief email? Should there have been anything else to mention or agreed to? There is also the issue about being asked to return to work considering that drivers have not been vaccinated or do not feel safe and we have received no delivery covid protocols information. I have tried looking at the government and other websites but all seems rather unclear. Apologies for all the questions but any advice would be appreciated or what I need to review or ask. Many thanks for looking.
  8. Well was on the assumption that they may have kept adding interest and no monthly payment due dx
  9. Thanks dx again as always. I will send one to Vanquis as soon as possible. Just intrigued as to what they will send. Credit report states that default amount outstanding hasn't changed?
  10. Thanks again dx. No I am still at the same address. I used to get posted & emailed statements from Vanquis. Also a letter from Moorcroft demandGing payment / plan. Referred back to Vanquis as didn't want dealings with them. Then they stopped? October 2017. I recently checked my credit score and saw details on there. Intending to pay-off debt. This and another 2 cards in which I have an arrangement with (all rather small amounts) appear on it. Totally bemused dx As per my old and new posts all correspondences have now ceased from all parties hence me raising issue again. If defaulted in January 2018, surely I should have been notified?
  11. Ok dx yes you are right. I am somewhat confused as to what is going on but details showing as default on Credit Report. All communication including statements, e-mails, letters etc stopped around October 2017. Do I just leave for now?
  12. Opened April 2015. Got behind on payments in Sept 2017. Vanquis contacted me to arrange repayment plan. Then received demand from Moorcrofts. Account returned to Vanquis Case Manager October 2017. Interest frozen but no monthly payment plan agreed as no further correspondence received. I have had no statements since Sept 2017? Last payment October 2017. I have checked Experian today and states that Credit Card in Default January 2018? I have never received any details confirming this and I am a bit concerned what to do? Will I suddenly get something from them threatening legal / Court action? Do I contact Vanquis or hang fire ? Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. Sorry for confusion and I am merely asking for constructive comments as gov website is unclear and I am not trying to achieve anything untoward. I wanted to work but had no choice being furloughed as no restaurants etc open so no deliveries. I was expecting to be laid off until furlough introduced. All I am asking is can I be forced into taking them before the 31st October. I would rather carry them over until next year as it would be more practical and not wanting payment. Thank-you
  14. but within reason? If not practical do I still have any rites to refuse considering my annual entitlement starts again on 1st November?
  15. OK thanks again. I will await their further response as I have already replied to that effect by text. My concern again is that they will force us to use holiday or lose them.
  16. OK many thanks again and hope somebody will. I did look at website but wasn't clear to me what can or cannot be done. My concern is it will leave only one driver to do all deliveries in which is impossible and there will not be time for all of us to take our holidays before 1st November.
  17. A belated thank-you Ethel Street. I finally received relevant pay-slips. Just a recap our company has 3 delivery drivers. 2 returned to work on 3rd July (including me) the other is still furloughed. We have all today received another text regarding using our holiday entitlement before 1st November, 2020 (New holiday entitlement starts). Furloughed driver can obviously takes his during furlough. The problem being is that it will not be practical for myself and the other driver in taking ours before then as we have 3 weeks (21 days x 2) each to use. My company has stated that they will not be rolling over any holidays as it would not benefit them or offering payment in lieu. Is this correct or are we entitled to carry holiday over to next year? Thanks for looking.
  18. Hi, I am a delivery driver and was furloughed on the 20th March due to lockdown. I returned to work on the 3rd July. When furloughed should I have signed something from my company? Or notification by text suffice? Also should I have received a payslip for months that I was furloughed? Thanks for looking.
  19. Thanks again Andy. Link are regulated but news to me as previously Capita but no notification of change.
  20. Thanks dx. No the loan is with Skye but they are not regulated. I believe it was previously administered / serviced by Capita but on checking details on bottom of letter it now mentions Link Mortgage Services, who are regulated by the FCA.
  21. Thanks Andy I might just do that. I also noticed that the loan / Mortgage is now serviced by Link and not Capita. Are they one of the same?
  22. OK cheers for that. I might just keep making my usual monthly payments as only 1 year 8 months to go. And make them wait for it. It just would have been nice to get rid.
  23. OK wasn't sure about that as only a small amount to clear. Is there a limit? If I just paid the maximum / increased payments for the next 3/4 months, would they question that? They never asked for evidence before when I cleared over a £1,000 in arrears. Just threatened us if it was not cleared. Just wondering.
  24. Hi All many thanks for replies. The amount outstanding is only £4,500 and I have been given funds to get rid from my mum. I requested a redemption figure including costs to release charge from my property. Unlike Blackhorse / Lloyds they do not provide any discount for early redemption and their fees / charges are a lot higher hence why I want to clear it. When requested their reply basically said to redeem loan / mortgage in full that I must provide evidence (Copy of bank statement, building society book balance / insurance or pension maturity statement or any other documents) under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017. We had previously requested that all correspondences were to be made in writing only but they called my OH last week to discuss details in which she basically told them to put in writing and don't phone again.
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