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  1. The supervisor did not call back as promised, I left my phone on all day at work, which I am not really meant to do so I am sure he did not call. What I did get was a call from a debt collector just before 9.00pm one evening, these peoplehave called me before (see above) and I referred them back to BT. I asked them two questions, firstly did BT send my details to more than one debt collector, they said no definitely not and seemed a bit put out that I had a letter from a firm called Advantis about the same 'debt., secondly I asked them what the BT response had been. Laughably their notes suggested that I had said I was going to call a different BT number, although they didn't know why. Called BT again, they told me they would raise the bill as an issue, I asked if it could be referred to somebody senior enough to deal with it properly but they said the best they could do was raise it as an issue.
  2. Received another bill from BT today, together with payment charges, these are accounts I switched to Sky in February. I am calling BT as I post, I've just been asked to explain the whole thing again and then put on hold, I've been holding for about 5 minutes listening to some pleasant classical music, which I guess I am paying for as I am paying for the 0845 call. I told the 'adviser' that I did n't want to wait for long, the best he can do is ask a supervisor to call back on Monday, when I'll be working, so I will have to take time out while at work. Its a bit annoying, I don't mind Indian call centres but I do think that there comes a time when somebody with the authority to act needs to get things done. Everybody makes mistakes, I can handle that. Not dealing with the consequences of those complaints is something else.
  3. I am wanting to know if anyone has any way to speak to BT and actually get listened to. We used to have several lines with BT Business, two mobiles and two fixed lines. We cancelled these at the end of the contract as we had closed the business and both gone back into employment. BT completely ignored us when we cancelled these lines, the fixed lines were based at our home, and we switched the lines to Sky after drawing a blank with BT. However, BT continued to bill us, even threatening to cut off our one residential line well after we were established paying line rental to Sky. I have called them numerous times, written to their 'Service' centre in Durham, without the courtesy of a reply and even copied in OFGEM (who don't consider individual complaints). This has been going on most of this year. The same thing happened with the Fixed lines and the BT Business mobiles, (although I do owe some, not much, money on these I can't get an accurate payment because they did not or will not finish the contract when we asked) Last week I received a letter from a debt collector and tonight I came into an answerphone message from another one (who was pleasant enough but still thought I would be stupid enough to pay an incorrect bill). I am out of ideas as to what to do, work long hours and honestly don't want to waste all my spare time trying to sort them out. I know I need to resolve this and that they just can't be bothered. Any ideas let me know. Thanks
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