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  1. Hi, I have received a PCN from Europarks. The circumstances are that I arrived at the carpark at just after 6pm and tried to pay for a ticket, my money was rejected and the meter stated it was a "No pay time zone" so I wrongly presumed that the carpark must be free after 6pm, like a lot of bays in town are. Returned to my car to find a ticket stating that I had parked without a valid permit. Took a look around the small carpark and I had missed a sign stating permit holders only after 6pm. This sign was not present near the pay machine itself but on the opposite side of the car park on the wall. Any ideas where I stand on this? I was going to ignore after reading previous threads but I've now received the "registered keeper" warning and a demand of £100 and I am not familiar with any new rules. The pay and display meter can be paid for for £3 which would have been sufficient to cover the time I was there, surely a fine of £60 being 20 times that is massively disproportionate especially considering the unclear sign-age. I would appreciate any help/ideas. Thanks Scott
  2. Thanks for the responses. Letter sent today recorded delivery.
  3. Thanks, I was concious of being too dismissive without clarifying everything with them so if I do end up in court I can at least show I tried to go about everything in the correct manner. I'll get the letter off tonight and feedback once I receive their standard "we dont care, pay us" response.
  4. Thanks dx I hadnt realised personal info was still held on the document. Hi Slick, I had a conversation with one of the lads on the reception at the gym back in June and it wasnt just a quick, "im cancelling, see you later!" he seemed to be very helpful at the time and told me they would update the system with my cancellation, he didnt even mention contacting Harlands or I would have done so. It was done in person so I do not have anything to confirm that conversation took place, I doubt this lad would admit he'd forgotten or messed up now. Harlands confirmed via email that they accepted my proof of new address on 22nd August, I contacted them immediately after being forwarded a load of post by my ex on 15th August. Prior to this I had no idea the cancellation had not been processed properly. The proof of address I sent them was a bank statement dated July 2013 so they accepted I was present at the address on this date but refused to back date their records. I had already relocated in June/July following the split. I had initially advised the relocation to Manchester (200 miles from the gym) was permanent but my current residency at my parents (still in Manchester) was hopefully temporary whilst I got myself sorted. They initially refused my cancellation on the basis I'd said my parents wasnt to be my permanent address... whilst acknowledging I was still 200 miles away from the gym itself. They have added further admin fees since acknowledging the cancellation and now the CRS fees on top. They acknowledged my email requesting to freeze the account until the dispute was resolved also but ignored that request anyway. I know ignoring them is the advice from a lot of people but should I not be wary of my own conduct? I may be being over cautious but I've never dealt with numpties like this before.
  5. Thanks for your response. I was thinking about literally doing just that and doing a go away letter but I was half thinking at least if they do take the matter to court I will been seen to have acted reasonably and tried to resolve the issue. Although from what ive read, CRS dont do court anyway? I dont think theyve got a leg to stand on regardless I just wanted some advice incase I was being too hasty.
  6. Morning, I've read through the hundreds of Harlands/CRS threads and kind of concluded that after a lot of trying to be logical with them, everyone ends up writing a final letter saying go away or go to court but I'll be ignoring you from now on. With that in mind, I've had a 2nd chaser letter from CRS now and I'm ready to send the following response I was just hoping for a little advice to make sure I wasn't jumping in too two footed. I'm not prepared to pay even close to what they claim I'm owing and I would happily defend myself if they took the matter to court. letter attached. Thoughts would be welcomed. I have an email from Harlands accepting my cancellation due to relocation but as I havent settled the disputed debt they have still continued to add additional admin and now CRS fees. I also have an email following me requesting they place a freeze on the account until the dispute is resolved confirming they received that request but chose to ignore it and add further fees. Cheers Scott
  7. Defaults: Hutchison 3G: Call Credit - 14 January 2010 Equifax - December 2009 T-Mobile (EE): Call Credit - 10 November 2012 Equifax - Oct 2012 "Arrangement to pay" HFC: September 2011 following a 1 month late payment marker. Thanks, Scott.
  8. This is the first time I have used the site so please bare with me. I have searched and read through a lot of succesful cases on here but unfortunately I have not been so lucky and I'm looking for any advice that might help me turn this around. I have 3 Negative markers against my credit report. 2 defaults and an arrangement to pay marker. My first default is by Hutchison 3G for £12.00. I had problems from day 1 with 3G. I had taken out one of those internet dongles back in 2008 and it was basically useless, it was replaced countless times by 3 and resulted in me refusing to pay for a service I wasnt receiving for a small period of time. Although I didnt want to I did continue paying as I didnt want to end up with bad credit but having thought the account was closed and settled, I find the default for just £12.00 registered against me. I have written a polite and apologetic letter to 3G explaining I'm looking to apply for a mortgage, financial problems it is causing for my family, that it's such a small amount and the adverse effect it is having etc. 3G have written back a tiny 1 paragraph letter basically saying it is a true reflection of how the account was managed and they wont be removing the default. My second default is with T-Mobile. I moved home and did not realise I had one final payment left on my contract. The outstanding balance was £57.17. This appeared on my credit report, I contacted T-Mobile who advised the debt had been passed to a DCA and they could not accept payment but passed me the DCA details. I contacted the DCA who advised the settlement figure was £45 which I paid immediately. I then find a default registered against me by T-Mobile for £7.17! I called T-Mobile who said they don't know why I was told to only pay £45 and this time they were prepared to accept the remaining £7.17 directly. Similar letter (as the 3G one) to T-Mobile who have responded advising as the DCA told me to pay £45, despite the default being registered by T-Mobile, to take my issue up direct with the DCA, who can't do anything as they didnt register the default. T-Mobile are just advising there is nothing they can do. Finally, HFC bank have registered an "arrangement to pay" marker against me. I never needed an arrangement to pay for the account and never agreed to one. My payments remained the same every month apart from 1 late payment until I settled the account early. Again, similar letter to HFC but they just flat out dont respond. Sorry it is a bit of a rant I just wanted to be clear about my situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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