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  1. yeah they are, i have two weeks to find another 400 (paid 600 at end of october) to stop repo order scheduled for 20th november, fingers crossed i will have it. as far as i am aware i dont have copies off the paperwork it was regulated, i have requested a sar from them last week and am waiting for this but to my recollection they have not sent me statements so who would i report them to for this. thanks
  2. no ive done one of those sar thingies that i found on here earlier today but would be interested to know if anyone actually got anywhere with it. i dont recall that they sent statements unless i requested them but they do send me letters and lots of them and charge me for them as well. they are currently trying to repo my house despite my account being out of term now and they have refused verbally to review their charges on my account already
  3. Hi, im new to this but am having problems with Blemain. My loan was 5k in 2006 now out of term and they say i owe £6500 still in charges, late payment fees etc etc. I have started a PPI claim against them already as it has come to light they never cancelled it when i requested they did but now would like to see if i can make them reduce/wipeoff their enormous charges - any advice would be apprecited as these people are beyond reason ... .......... thanks
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