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  1. Has anyone ever managed to get through to them tried that number given for piers and got quaked at down the phone.... tried 0845 number didnt get through. emails... i can only get one email through to them on thier web site and other email address ive had dont work... im fuming right now. but enough enough now.... time to be constructive let the courts deal with these as* holes. :o)
  2. Well arnt i the idiot... yes i should have done the homework i do all the time when dealing with companies on the internet.... well fallen hook line and sinker. sent these idiots 2 iphones at different times... (on the phone to them now.. well on hold over hr so far) So sent them mine after offer of £186.... yes they claimed its was damaged utter rubbish that was i posted in layer upon layer of bubble wrap. so told thEm send it back and paid the postage fee. they cam back counter offer £138.00 plus they will refund my postage charge. still waiting 28/10 they said they sent my funds nope still waiting... (still on the phone) but after thinking they were doing my transfer ect i sent them a second phone hoping stupidly that it was a blip. yes still waiting to hear on that one. . So after reading everyones complaints on many different fourm sites ive Gone straight to small claims court paid £25.00 so they now ave 14 days to sort this out. im outraged tbh. even want to contact the police report fraud as that is what they are doing STILL ON HOLD BY THE WAY. ANYONE GOT A NUMBER OTHER THAN THIS STUPID 0845 NUMBER ENDING 1064
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